Friday, July 27, 2007

What a week!

I took two tests yesterday. Very difficult tests. I feel pretty good about the test I took in lecture, but I didn't do so hot on my lab. 86% was my grade. Ugh. My overall lab percentage is 92%, though, so it turned out okay. It was hard to prepare for the lab practical. It was the same day as the lecture test, so I didn't focus on it as much, and those blasted slides are just so difficult to identify. I missed the tongue, bronchus, and the lung slides. But I got the pancreas, thyroid, pituitary and testis! Here is an example of what we see and are supposed to identify: In case you don't know (and care for some reason) that is the thyroid gland. I actually couldn't remember what it was, but I recognized it as an endocrine structure, so I made a list of all the slides we learned for the endocrine system and systematically marked off the ones I knew I could recognize. The thyroid was the only one with a question mark, so I put it as my answer. It worked!

Anyway, the time I've spent *other* than studying has been most delightful. Josh's aunt and uncle are visiting from Maryland this week so I've gotten to spend some time with them. They are gems! Very personable and entertaining. We did a Vegas-style buffet last night and it was the perfect release to a stressful day. They are good company and I'm so glad I got to know them a little better.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Saturday evening, Josh and I went to St. George to attend a surprise birthday party one of his favorite Dixie IHC coworkers threw for his wife. There was a dreamy chocolate fountain, the surprise was a success and it was fun to meet new people. And it just so happened an old friend of mine was the DJ for the party! I haven't seen Lex for about eight years (although the occasional 'update' email has been exchanged between us) and I had a great time catching up with him.

But the highlight of our little trip was that Gregg (the party-thrower) had gotten rooms at the new Marriott for some birthday guests that came up from California. We had planned to drive back down to Vegas after the party, but Gregg mentioned that one couple didn't make the trip, and would we be interested in staying in their room? Heck yes! Sleeping in a bed is much better than falling asleep in the car on the drive home, leaving Josh alone with the BBC news on NPR. We went to Target and got some toiletries then went back to the hotel and had ourselves a mini-vacation. That one night of luxury was sooooo nice. We slept in Sunday morning, had a delicious hot breakfast, and then drove home. It was lovely.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Josh

Josh is so dreamy.

I had a hard time sleeping the other night and he came in and started rubbing my feet without giving it a second thought. He lets me interrupt his work to ask him trivial questions just because they're important to me. He drives for hours every weekend to spend what time he can with me. He tolerates my inability to fix the hole in his work pants and doubles up wearing his others instead. He's selling his extra 'geek ware' on Craigslist so we don't have to haul it all to SLC. He lets me rest my head on his shoulder during sacrament meeting and strokes my hair. He understands when I need to be by him, even if I just want to sit there and not say anything. He lets me sleep when we're driving at night, even though it means he's no one to talk to. He works his tail off to meet our financial obligations and allow me plenty of time to earn good grades in my classes. He
drove all over, finding the perfect spot for us to watch some fireworks for our first and last Fourth of July in Vegas. He lets me run off to play with my nieces and nephews instead of spending time with him at my family get-togethers. He understands my fuse is a bit shorter than his but doesn't hold it against me. He doesn't complain when it takes me too long to scrub the shower and the soap scum starts taking over. He always looks for something nice to say about me, and then he says it.

If Josh read my blog, he'd be so embarrassed that I've rambled on about him so - even though there are a million more little things he does and says that melt my heart every day. I hope all of you are as lucky in love as I am.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

The "cool" aunt

Thursday night I drove to St. George after I got out of class and spent the night at Duane's so I could watch his kids Friday while Amanda was at girl's camp and he went to the auction. We were all tired and it was nearing 11pm so Duane told the kids to get their pj's on. I mentioned that I needed to "put on my jammies" as well, and Cade started making fun of me for being an adult that wears pajamas. Aubrey, always the sweetheart, immediately came to my defense, saying, "Duh Cade, of course Paige wears pajamas. She's the cool aunt."

We had so much fun together! Grandma drove up from Toquerville to spend the day with us and treated us to a nice lunch, then we went bowling on the $20 Duane had left for us. Chad was too young to bowl, but we set him up at the arcade on a car racing game that he really enjoyed. We only bowled one game, and Grandma beat us all with her 150 score. It was so nice spending time with them because we don't see them too often. Cade and Aubrey are very busy with school and sports, and they don't make it to as many family functions because the in-laws live so close we have to share them more. But they sure are good kids and I love 'em.