Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Couponizer

I've become one of those mommies. Not only do I have zucchini squash coming out of my eyeballs, freezer jam in the fridge, and several bread recipes out while I bake and bake, searching for the best one - I've also started couponing a little. I haven't fallen off the deep end and become completely obsessed with it, but I have to admit there was a small thrill when I got some 64-ounce Juicy Juice for 88 cents each, 'bought' some makeup for free, and made 60 cents on some new cereal for Grayson (sure hurts less when he refuses to eat it if it didn't cost anything in the first place!).

Anyway, if there are any of you venturing out into the coupon world, a coupon organizer might be helpful to have. I don't really have a system yet, so I entered this contest to win one. It sure looks like a good system to have if you're a serious couponer. And who knows, this system just might convert you!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Garden update

Josh and I are boring, and I just updated about Grayson yesterday, so all I really have left to blog about is the garden.

Let me just start off by saying that I never want to see another zucchini or crook-neck squash again in my life. I give about half away, I have 10 cups of shredded zucchini in the freezer, I've made two batches of chocolate zucchini bread and baked two batches of zucchini chocolate chip cookies. We eat at least one zuke and one squash every night with dinner, and even with all of that consumption, we have another 8 fruits in the fridge, and dozens more that will be ready for picking in the next day or two. I go out in the morning to pick what I can see and the very next day, zukes that were 2-3 inches long the morning before have suddenly grown to 10+ inches. It's absolutely maddening.

Anyway, we're done harvesting radishes, beets and lettuce and we've pulled those plants completely out. We get the occasional tomato, but most are still green. My red peppers aren't red yet, and I'm getting very impatient waiting for them to turn. In the meantime, we've grown some fabulous cucumbers, jalapeƱos, beans and carrots. I think the beans are on their way out, though, which is fine because I have a gallon size Ziploc of them in the freezer. Does anyone know how to freeze squash?

We have cantaloupe and watermelon that aren't ready yet, but they look so cute growing out there in our little corner. You see, our garden started out like this, but it quickly grew into this:

The cucumber, honeydew, and watermelon plants were vining out all over the place and we had to intervene. Josh had the brilliant idea to make a remesh arch across each box to let the vines grow up and over. Here's a pic of the cucumber arch when we first put it in July 29:Here's what it looks like now (can barely see it with the zukes growing so big and crazy in front):Anyway, since the plants are now growing along the arch, the fruits tend to hang down through the mesh squares. The little melons are so cute!
According to Mel, the vines will have a strong enough hold on the fruits to keep them attached until they're ripe, so we'll see.

And just for fun, here's a pic of this morning's loot:

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Grayson update

Some of my blog-stalkers (aka: college friends and Grandmas that don't leave comments) have requested an update on the kid. Here it is.
Bad Mommy! You don't blog about me enough!
I've regrettably missed journaling some of Grayson's more fantastic feats, like the time I was studying for my Chem final (Aug 4) and I looked over to see he had rolled to the top of the stairs and his left foot was dangling over the top step. That silly baby had to make at least 5-6 complete revolutions to get over there and he did it in less than two minutes. Needless to say, I don't put him and his blanket down behind the couch anymore. Of course, now that he's in the middle of the living room, he just rolls until he bangs his head into said couch (or the coffee table). Fortunately, he's only hit it hard enough to leave a bump one time, and that was just two days ago.

Then there was the one and only (I'm a good enough mommy to learn from my mistakes) time he scooted himself off my bed and onto the floor (Aug 8). Don't worry, nothing broke or bled, though I nearly had a heart attack. I couldn't figure out how he rolled through my pillow blockade so I recreated the situation a few days later and watched for a very long time until I saw him get up on all fours and back his way through the very narrow gap between two pillow corners. Um, blockade only works against rolling babies. Not scooting/crawling ones. Sly little fellow, that one!

Grayson still doesn't 'do' baby food, but he loves to eat whatever I am eating and willing to share with him. So far he's enjoyed cantaloupe, zucchini, bananas,
grapes, pineapple, and watermelon that way. I guess he thinks he's not getting enough fiber, though, because he also enjoys eating paper and ficus leaves. I didn't realize he ever completely ingested one of the leaves until two days ago (Aug 19) when I caught him red-handed and with a sour look on his face as he kept smacking his mouth and pushing his tongue out. Later that afternoon, I found part of a previously eaten leaf in his diaper. The piece from two days ago showed up in this morning's diaper. Poor baby. Lucky me.

Grayson is a very busy and attentive baby. He
cannot keep still for one second - he's always looking around for something to play with or chew on. No matter what's in my hand, he wants it, and he wants it NOW. He lunges for everything and grabs anything he can get his hands on, and boy does that kid have a grip! I'm finally starting to understand why so many new moms get their hair cut. But I love him t h i s much more because of it. His personality is absolutely delightful.

A couple of photos for you to enjoy:

July 27 - Grayson and Grandpa Keith
July 29 - Look! My teeth are big enough that you can finally see them!
August 6 - Sometimes I roll all the way under random objects but Mommy can't get the camera quickly enough to take my picture.
August 10 - Grayson, Uncle Eric, cousin GabriellaAugust 17 - What talent! Sometimes I hold stuff in my mouth so I can use my hands to grab other things I want to play with.
Yes. My baby is crazy.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

6 months!

I'm a little late here, aren't I? This and the rest of July's posts are coming soon, I promise!

During the past month, Grayson...

  • Grew to 16 pounds and 26 inches long (his growth is starting to slow down and he's now barely above the 25th percentile)
  • Attended his first Bomber Babes roller derby match
  • Met several more of my dearest friends
  • Saw his first fireworks and holiday parade!
  • Went to Lake Powell for the first time (in fact, he spent his 6-month birthday at the lake!)
  • Welcomed yet another cousin to the family, miss Pyper Palmer
  • Got two teeth!
  • Stopped eating rice cereal completely and cringes at bananas, pears, applesauce, green beans and peas, but he LOVES cantaloupe
  • Started rolling back to tummy and gets up on all fours - he'll soon be crawling!
  • Helped me earn an 'A' in Chemistry. Yay!