Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trying to be like Jesus

Grayson participated in his first Primary program the end of September and did an incredible job. He not only learned his part, he memorized a lot of the other Sunbeams' parts as well. He still recites them to me occasionally. It's very endearing.

Anyway, today Grayson was climbing the shelves in the pantry to get into the gum and he accidentally knocked a sealed jar of salsa to the floor, waking the baby and leaving me a giant mess to clean up. I put him in time-out for climbing the shelves while I cleaned up. I then proceeded to gather all the candy and gum from the top shelf to throw away because he's been climbing up those shelves for years and one day he's going to do some serious damage. Apparently that made him pretty angry, so he shut the pantry door and turned off the light, blockading the door so I could not get out. I am obviously stronger than he is (for now) so I shoved open the door and promptly spanked him. I put him back in time-out and fumed about what a snot he is while we both cooled off.

I went in to his room and we talked about why he got spanked. We talked about how he felt when I said I was going to throw away his candy without asking and about how I felt when he locked me in the pantry. We both agreed that it would be better for us to only do nice things to each other from now on. I finished by apologizing for losing my cool and asked him if he'd forgive me for spanking him. He thought for a moment then said, "Yes, Mom, I forgive you." 

I thanked him for forgiving me and asked him if I could have a hug. We hugged tightly for about two seconds when he pulled away and exclaimed, "Mom! It's just like Dillon's part!" I looked confused so he kept talking excitedly: "My part is 'He showed us the way to be baptized.' Dillon's part is 'He forgave who hurt him.' You hurt me, and I forgave you, so I am just like Jesus!"

And he really is. He's a great example of forgiving others instead of holding a grudge, being helpful and kind to everyone, and trying to obey. He is such a loving little man and I am grateful for his sweet example. I love you Grayson!