Monday, November 24, 2008

Is it possible...

...for a bad sleeper to become even worse? Grayson slept all through the night from 2-4 months old, but not since (except that one time for our anniversary). And I dare say last night was his
Worst. Night. Ever.

Recap: He didn't fall asleep until almost 10pm. Woke up around 12:30am. I fed him, but instead of falling asleep again, he was WIDE awake. Put him in his crib to play. Wailed like he was on fire for the next 10 minutes. Took him out of crib to settle him down, but he refused comforting. Even me singing Primary songs didn't help, and it usually does. After Josh and I danced around the situation in a similar manner for almost an hour, we finally ended up putting our screaming baby in his crib and ignoring him. We were both so exhausted that we fell asleep despite the noise, and neither of us has any idea how long he cried before passing out, but I know it was at least 8 minutes. He woke up again just after 6am and and was ready for the day. What the??

...for an already wonderful husband to become even better? Josh really stepped up his game the last couple of weeks and I'm in heaven! I just hope the small things I try to do to make his life better make him feel as loved as he makes me feel. Recap: Remember the group presentation we're giving tonight on bankruptcy? Well, the dreamy guest speaker I lined up forgot about parent-teacher conferences (she teaches 5th grade) this week, so is unavailable to come to my class. No worries, because she's awesome and agreed to let me videotape her instead. Well, the 5-10 minute interview ended up being 21 minutes long and I needed to cut it down. Between finding the program to get the video off our camcorder and onto my hard drive for editing, finding a conversion program to make it editable, and finding an editing program that wouldn't drop the audio, he spent about 10 hours over the last two days helping me. Top it all off with the dinner he made us last night plus cleaning up the entire kitchen (including hand washing and drying all of the flatware), and I wonder why he's not yet been translated.

...for me to actually enjoy my Primary class so much I'm going to miss being their teacher next year? I've been teaching Primary for a year now, and I've had this same group of nine 5- and 6-year-olds since January 1. It's hard sometimes. Between 7 and 9 kids come each week, and I've been a solo teacher since my partner got upgraded to the presidency August 3. Which reminds me, I never posted the pic I took of the thank you card we made for her - it was so fun!
Anyway, our annual Primary program was yesterday, and I don't know who was more pleased with my kids - me or their parents. I had eight there, and they all did such a good job with their parts and singing the songs. I teared up twice during the program and again during our lesson when I thanked them all for working so hard and doing so well. They really are such good kids. I get a little sad that I'm only going to be their teacher for five more weeks, but it will be fun to meet some more children in the ward and get to know and love them as well.

...for Christmas to be right around the corner? After this presentation is done tonight and our paper submitted this Saturday, I need to get serious about decorating. I debated putting up a tree, and am going to go ahead with it, but instead of nice glass (and breakable) ornaments, I'm going to ask my nieces and nephews to help me make something like these. It will be fun, it will create precious memories, and Grayson will be able to go to town on the tree without getting put in time out. Win-win-win!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Twosday Treat

In my last Grayson update, I mentioned how helpful he is around the house. Since it's been a while since I uploaded any videos, I'm treating you to a double feature today. Enjoy!
October 27, 2008 - Shredding paper
(A little long, so I'd watch only the first 45 secs)

November 4, 2008 - Mating socks

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The results...

1. Barack Obama is the country's new president.
2. I am not going to put music on my blog (60% of you are anti-).
3. I'm not the only one that hated Michelle Obama's dress last night, and my husband is not the only one that thought she looked pregnant.
Poor McCain lost this election because of the distaste people have for W. and that idiot side-kick he chose as his running mate (ironic that the one thing I respect about Palin are her views on abortion).
Now we all just have to hope that Obama will deliver on all that he promised. The good news is the Republicans can win either way: 1) Obama delivers, the country thrives and is happy, international relations soar - win for everyone! 2) Obama fails to deliver, people hate him as much as Bush, Republicans guaranteed the White House in 2012. And as a bonus to all you Utahns, I think Romney would be able to take Palin in a debate.

One thing's for certain, though. Anyone that's willing to be president during times like these deserves our utmost respect. Shall we give it to him, or shall we cut off our nose to spite our face?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

9 months!

During the last month, Grayson...
  • Grew to 18 pounds, 9 ounces and 27 3/4 inches
  • Started saying 'mama' and 'dada' when respectively hitting us - we think he really understands!
  • Started taking a few steps while holding on to objects
  • Finished growing two more top teeth
  • Decided he loves eating Cheerios, blueberries, and raw red potatoes
  • Fed himself small bites of food (it's so cute to see his little fingers work so hard)
  • Got his first fever and rash, sending us to the pediatrician for Grayson's first sick visit
  • Started climbing up on things to reach forbidden items
  • Watched Pyper get blessed
  • Wore his first band-aid (those little paper cuts sure do bleed!)
  • Dressed up for his first Halloween (but no trick-or-treating yet)
  • Followed me all over the house, helping me vacuum, sweep, fold laundry, and shred paper
Here are some pics from the month of October. How quickly time passes and how terrible I've become at taking and posting photos.

First, the freakishly short second toe I mentioned in this post:October 10 - Hey, a band-aid! I can't wait to chew on it!
October 12 - Ewww...Pyper has girl germs!
October 16 - My new favorite thing about Grayson. He 'chews' the air and his bottom lip sticks out when his lips come together. He often has this same look when he's babbling and trying to copy me when I make a popping noise with my lips. It's hilarious.
October 22 - Grayson loves that when he touches this lamp it magically turns on, goes brighter, then turns off. He gets a kick out of it every time. In this pic I moved my bracelet out of his reach so he was forced to reach a little further - on his tip-toes.
October 26 - Spiderwoman and TiggerOctober 29 - Walking around the bar chairs (look at that tongue)October 31 - Grayson and the local nutjobsHappy Halloween!