Thursday, October 23, 2008

Like Father, Like Son?

I've always wanted to post a baby pic of Grayson along with baby pics of Josh and I so we could determine who he really looks like once and for all. Unfortunately, Josh's mom doesn't have any pics of him until he started getting school photos taken, so I've never done it until now. But I can assure you he looks just like Josh. In fact, the only proof I have that he's my kid is that I watched him come out of my body.
My mommy and me, February 1, 1977

Me and my boy, February 2, 2008

My mom's a hottie! Too bad I look like a train wreck. And I don't think I was a big baby, but I look huge compared to my little Grayson.

Two days later, I look more like my mother and Grayson like me. Yay!

Daisy Paige, 7 months

Grayson Keith, 7 months
Maybe that's my nose and giant forehead, but he must look more like Josh did as an infant. Lucky for us, Grayson got Josh's cute little ears, and we're fairly certain his baby blues are going to stay that way. And even though his hair has lightened a lot, I'm pretty sure he won't go towhead like I did.

And just so Josh doesn't feel left out and lonely because there aren't any pics of him in this post, I am now going to dissect Grayson's personality. Following is a list of various traits Grayson has, in no particular order, and which of us I think donated them.

From Josh
  1. Freakishly short second toe. I know this is a physical trait, but I have never seen someone whose second toe was shorter than the big toe as well as the third toe. And it's barely tied in length to the fourth toe. Sometimes I wonder why he's able to balance so well standing. Josh's sister told me a grandfather or uncle had the same weird toe.
  2. Our silly baby thrives on minimal sleep. He doesn't get that from this sleeping beauty.
  3. Speaking of sleep, Grayson is a light sleeper and will wake at the quietest noises. It drives me crazy about Josh, too.
  4. Grayson has an obsession with electronics. He's playing with a mouse right now, with Josh's phone charger at his feet and the external hard drive on its side from him crawling on it. He heads straight for the mess of cords and routers under Josh's desk when he comes into the office, and he had a meltdown yesterday when I wouldn't let him pull on the printer cord. There's no question where his inner geek comes from.
  5. Grayon shies away from PDA, just like his daddy.
  6. Grayson will eat pretty much anything with little or no complaint, something I really appreciate about Josh.
From Me!
  1. Now that both the top middle teeth are in, Grayson grinds them against the bottom ones. He gets this from my mom and my brother.
  2. Grayson hates getting dressed, and seems to despise clothes in general. He's just plain happier when he's naked. Definitely comes from yours truly.
  3. Grayson is a social bug. Forget eating or napping if there are people around to look at or play with. Cards, anyone?
  4. Grayson isn't very good at taking naps. Neither is this mommy.
  5. Grayson gets a big grin when he hears people talk. He loves the phone and he likes to jabber with me. Josh is relatively quiet, so even though he's always on the phone for work, I'm going to take this one as mine.
  6. Grayson lunges for my Nalgenes and nearly drowns himself trying to get a drink of water. Been there, done that.
  7. We've recently discovered that Grayson is a real whiner when he's sick. In the rare event that I don't feel well, everyone knows about it.
  8. Grayson takes every opportunity to get his hands dirty and play with the houseplants.
That's all I can think of for now. I'm winning by two! I'll add more after Josh sees my list and comes up with some counter-arguments.


BeatlesDiva said...

This was great to see all the comparisons. You look great in your picture, no matter if you this so or not.
luvs and hugs

CBChristensen said...

hmmm, hard to say. Tho Josh has never eaten any of my Chem notes and Grayson has and that would be the only comparison I would have! LOL! I am sure he will be a perfect combination of the BOTH of you. Our kids seem to take on the least likely traits of both of us! You guys look great! Good to hear from you!

Teresa said...

What kind of mother doesn't take pictures of her kids? Poor Josh!

The Palmers said...

I never realized how much Dana looks like your mom!

Brittany said...

Love the naked comment. And the 7 month picture. I miss Grayson. We need to play. You should come over. Oh wait, then I'd have to vacuum. Hmmmm.

Karynn Jorgensen said...

Either way, he's a good looking boy because he has Beautiful parents!