Thursday, October 2, 2008

8 months!

Over the last month, Grayson...
  • Grew to 18 pounds and 27 1/4 inches long
  • Cut two more teeth with another two close behind
  • Got his first professional pictures taken
  • Learned to sit up by himself, then...
  • Promptly decided it's more fun to pull himself up to stand than to merely sit around
  • Helped Josh and I celebrate our 3rd anniversary
  • Changed his babbling to variations of 'da-dah-duh-da', much to Josh's joy and my dismay
  • Welcomed any food I put into his mouth *except* peas
  • Watched his friend, Kimball, get blessed
  • Impressed Grandma with his 'horn-honking' skills
  • Attended his first ward campout (but we didn't camp)
  • Actively cheered the Bomber Babes to yet another victory
  • Ate his first tomato
I was picking veggies out in the garden last week and left Grayson on the lawn to crawl around (in fact, it was the same day as my last post, hence his outfit). While I was working my way around the garden boxes, fighting off leaves twice the size of my head in an attempt to find wayward zucchinis before they got too big, Grayson found my bowl of tomatoes and helped himself to one. By the time I reached him it was too late, so I let him finish it. After he was done, I took him inside for a couple of pics and washed him up. Sadly, these tomato stains didn't come out in yesterday's wash.
I think my favorite thing about Grayson right now is that he loves shaking his hands. No matter what he's holding, he will continually shake it up and down like a mad man. It can be paper, a washcloth, a measuring tape, a rattle, a magazine, a bottle, a toy, a shirt, a get the idea. And he'll even clasp his hands together and shake them for a spell without holding anything at all. The best part about it is this little grin he gets when he's doing it because he's just enjoying himself so much. And when he notices you're watching him, he tops it all off with the cutest smile. Melts my heart every time. I need to get it on video before he stops doing it.


Shauna said...

What a Q-T! They grow up so-ooo fast!

Jenise said...

Hey Paige, sorry I didn't call you while I was in Utah. I was only up in SLC area for 1 full day. My dad was having heart troubles and I just didn't have any time for anything. Then we went to Cedar City for the rest of the time. Shawn's grandpa was in the hospital. But all is well now with everyone. Hopefully I will get a chance to call you next time.

The Palmers said...

Sounds like Jenise needs to quit making excuses and just come and see you! -Kidding. I love your new family picture! Where did you end up doing it? You guys could be in magazines!

autumn rowland said...

Hey Paige, long time no see. I hope you don't mind me peeking at your blog- I am so glad to see that you have such a cute family and I hope you are doing great. I have five daughters and no boys but that is okay. You look great. I found a picture of me and you the other day when we went to prom
Its hilarious-My hair was horrible and you just looked cute. Well Im glad to see your doing great.
Autumn Gubler Rowland

camery said...

Paige, what a cute baby! It's fun to read about you and your family. I should also admit to how impressed I am with all of your domestic skills. Seriously, that garden was something else! Oh, I talked to L. Paul Husselbee the other day. (still can't spell his last name apparently)that was interesting.
Take care!