Friday, September 21, 2007

Not dead (yet)

We're alive and in Utah. It's been a rough couple of weeks, but we managed to survive. One day when I have internet at my house and some time to tell you all about it, I'll dish. In the meantime, get excited because my first Utah OB appt is October 4, and then we'll get to find out what we're having!

We have not prepared one single thing for this baby other than get a free bottle from Babies 'R Us and take Bronson's old carseat off Katie's hands. Now that I'm approaching the mid-pregnancy mark and people are expressing relief that I'm pregnant and not just getting fat, I'm starting to feel like some baby preparaton is long overdue.

But we still need a few weekends to finish getting settled, so the baby will have to keep waiting. I did finally call my Vegas OB's office to find out where my refund check is for overpayment, but they said I had a zero balance. After spending twenty minutes on the phone and speaking to three different people, they discovered that I was correct and they do owe me the $26.15 I had calculated, so they're sending me a check. Cox Communications, you're next.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Two great years, baby

Today marks two years since Josh and I were married in the St. George Temple. Here is a picture of Josh stepping on the back of my dress on our way out of the temple. Even though they're horribly embarrassing, I love these candid shots!We decided to celebrate today by packing and cleaning some more of our house. We just took down our bed, wrapped the mattresses and hauled them out to the garage for 'the big move' this weekend, so we're going to sleep on the Aerobed downstairs in the living room tonight. I'm so excited! Downstairs is much cooler and darker than the upstairs, so it should make for a wonderful evening, even if we are sleeping on a glorified air mattress.

To celebrate our anniversary for real, though, we finally treated ourselves to the Bodies exhibit at the Tropicana. I've really wanted to go since I started my A&P classes and it was as incredible as I thought it would be. One of my favorite things was seeing the small intestine laid out in its full length. I mean, it's one thing to learn that it is 18-22 feet long, but it's quite another to actually see it. The human body is so amazing.
The most amazing part (but saddest, too) was the fetal development section where we got to see exactly what our baby looks like inside my tummy! For anyone that's considering going, do it! And the audio tour is definitely worth the extra six bucks.