Monday, March 17, 2008

Grayson's Big Debut

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saddy-head Grayson because we didn't put him in green.
Today marked Grayson's first real encounter with the outside world. One of my dearest friends, Alina aka: The Princess, got married at Red Butte Garden this morning. Sure, we've taken Grayson over to family's house before, but nothing like this little adventure. So far from home. All dressed up for the occasion. Needing to be on his best behavior. The pressure was really on and our little baby handled it with class! Grayson cooed at all the right moments, didn't get hungry until after the ceremony was over, napped while we ate, and obediently let complete strangers occupy our time while they made silly faces at him and raved about how adorable he is.

I think Grayson inadvertently stole some of Alina's thunder, but she didn't seem to mind, other than her mom couldn't get enough of him. I think the pressure's on for her and Chris to start producing grandkids, and quickly!

The Princess and Sassy Paige
Our little familyRefusing to smile


bechtold clan said...

I know Ive been checking your blog too! Wondering how things are going for you….
You adjusting okay? Sleeping?

I know the natural thing might be fine…I just worry about all the details – work, Elijiah, the drive etc. But what can you do??

Thanks for the note

Katz said...

i love that family pic. you guys are so adorable.

Jorgensen Fam said...

Awww...Princess! She looks so great! And so do you! Tell her I said Hi next time you talk to her, will ya? Grayson looks so big! I can't believe it. I'm loving all the baby posts. The fun has just begun.

Sara said...

Wow...he is so mad at you in the last one. Hilarious!