Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

For Grayson's first Easter, Don & Holly invited us to their house for Easter dinner and Easter Egg hunt with the Heaps. It was so much fun seeing them all and they were genuinely excited to finally meet Grayson. Even though he's too little to carry his Easter basket, Holly helped him find an egg just his size with three Cadbury mini-eggs inside! I couldn't believe they would band together and tease me like that! I'm so going to pay her back when she has another one.
Grayson's big find during the hunt!
My hilarious baby kept good watch over his Easter treasure. I think he knew I had my eye on the treats inside. It's easy to resist the big bags of eggs because they're not open, but if I could eat "just one" (or two or three), well, let's just say the temptation is almost too great to bear.

Uh, you're not taking my mini-eggs, lady. No way, no how.
Such a serious little guy


Sherpa said...

I'm a little in love with your lil' guy. Seriously adorable.

tim & brandi said...

Too cute... that is such a classic face he's making guarding the cadbury mini eggs! And don't worry about missing out on your favorite candy, I just ate a whole bag of them and they were gross!! I think they poisoned them this year. Okay, I'm kidding. Sorry.