Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All Things Gray

My sweet baby is no longer a baby, it seems. He started taking small, independent steps back in December, but finally ventured out and actually walked on January 22. How do I remember something that long ago? I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget to blog about it. Josh stopped by the house to eat lunch in between sites that afternoon and we were talking in the kitchen when suddenly Grayson let go of the island and took three steps into the middle of the kitchen with no help or prodding. Josh made Grayson practice all night while I was at school so that we could record him walking the next day. You can imagine that he mastered it quickly with that kind of hard-core training.
Runway Practice, January 23
Grayson is a very generous little boy. He loves putting his Cheerios in my mouth and wiping my face after I'm done eating them. He offers me multiple sips of whatever he's drinking, and even pours water from his bath on me. He tries to brush my hair and read me his books. He doesn't mind knocking down the towers I build with his blocks, making cleanup so much easier. He's really such a thoughtful fella.
I know most babies love music, but Grayson SERIOUSLY. LOVES. MUSIC. He will come running from another room if he hears the radio. He enters the room, grinning wildly, then abruptly stops in his tracks and begins bouncing away. If he's sad for a minute and you need a quick distraction, just turn on some tunes. He immediately forgets that you took whatever object of his mouth and starts jiving. He's come down with a combination arm dancing/bouncing maneuver that just cracks me up. He loves to play the piano, but in an effort to preserve its pristine condition, we got him a small drum and xylophone instead, both of which he enjoys pounding on nearly as much.

Dancin' Fool, February 14

Grayson's personality has just skyrocketed. I dare say we recently entered the realm of the terrible twos because this baby can offer some serious meltdowns when he wants to. Should I make the mistake of taking something from him that he was not ready to part with, I will definitely know of his displeasure. He occasionally tells me 'no' when I do something he doesn't like, saying 'no no no no' and waging his little finger at me while doing so. I had no idea I was a finger wagger until now!

But overall he seems as happy and content as he was as a little baby. Poor thing is so happy all the time it's hard to tell when he's sick. Last week he seemed a little grumpy with a slightly runny nose and tons of saliva so I chalked it up to him finally cutting his molars. When Grayson held a fever for two days, though, I took him into the doctor on Friday to make sure he was okay. Turns out that while he is cutting four molars right now (two have since broken through), he had a double ear infection as well! I felt so bad that I'd waited to take him in, but honestly, he was just acting like he was teething, nothing more. I guess a year of parental duties haven't completely prepared me for the unexpected, but I'm working on it.

Table Dancing, January 20
Going out, January 23Birthday lunch, February 2
This chair is just right, February 3
First (and last) experience with mac 'n cheese, February 9


Katz said...

I can't wait to meet this little guy.

Brittany said...

I love that table-dancing jacket. What a guy you've got there. I'm sorry to hear about the sick mess with the teething and ear infections. We haven't started molars yet, but we're definitely trudging through the teething mud right now, too.

Jenise said...

Your little guy has some great dance moves. He is a cutie. I bet that is not going to be the last experience with mac 'n cheese. Look at him, he loves it. I love that smile.

The Heaps said...

He is so cute.

superpaige said...

Oh, what a cutie!

Lacie Matthews said...

Wow, Grayson looks like a pimp in that first pic!

Shauna said...

CUTE pictures! I miss you! ♥ Hugs :)