Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reaching goals

I was going to set the goal of blogging every day in May but then I realized May had already begun and I would undoubtedly fail. Instead, my goal is to post 10 times this month. I think I can handle blogging every third day.

Last week I achieved a goal that I set a while back - I baked bread from wheat that I ground myself!
Ta-da! Stockpiling wheat, January 17, 2009
First you grind it up
into whole-wheat flourThen mix it into your other ingredientsRoll into loaves, rise, and bake in the ovenFinally, slice and serve
I forgot to take a pic of the bread pans before baking so you'll just have to trust me that those loaves came from my dough. And yes, it tasted simply divine.

Finally baking my own bread is part of a larger goal Josh and I set at the beginning of this year; the goal to "Get prepared." What a blanket, difficult-to-measure, trite little goal. We were pretty gung ho about it back in January, but our passion died down a bit when my class and Josh's job both became more time-consuming. I waxed some cheese in February for our long-term food storage, but all of my videos and pics from that afternoon are forever locked away on a damaged memory card that will only give me error messages when I try to retrieve them.
I waxed a couple of blocks again in March but didn't have Josh available to videotape it, so I only have a few pictures to show you.
These cheese blocks...
...plus these melted wax blocks...
...equal these wax-covered cheese blocks!
Completely cover with 2-3 layers and you get cheese with an indefinite shelf life. Yay!
Now that I'm out of school for the summer, I've started cracking down on what still needs to be done to 'Be prepared'. We have a long way to go, but thankfully we have a pretty good start.

Finally, there's another, more exciting goal that's been in the works since Josh and I married three years ago: Save enough money to put 20% down on a home. We have finally reached the point in our finances that we are comfortable doing just that and still have a bit in savings for my dental hygiene program and any hiccups life throws our way. It's very exciting to be 'in the market' right now when interest rates are good and the federal government will give us $8k for taking someone else's house off their hands for them.

The sad news about the house situation is that we aren't planting our garden this year because we don't want to leave our boxes and decorative rock behind when we move. Especially disappointing is that a fellow ward member promised to help me can my own salsa this summer using vegetables I grow myself. Bummer. That's a goal I'll have to reach in 2010 instead.


Katz said...

I bought wheat flour to start making whole wheat bread. Haven't gotten that far yet. We have wheat in storage, but I don't have a way to grind it.

Is that a Vita-Mix? I'm jealous.

deidra said...

Your bread looks wonderful. Prepared is Chris's word for the year, too. He loves searching for the word as we read the scriptures.

Just let people in your ward know that you'll take any extra produce off their hands. It's amazing what you can make with just a little bit! And by the end of the summer, even those who love their gardens are getting sick of figuring out what to do with it!

deidra said...

And what is this waxing cheese? I've never heard of it!

HKins said...

Wow you're so ambitious! How did you learn to wax cheese!

Amanda said...

That's so happy about house hunting! It's such a FUN time looking for your first house. I'm so happy for you! We should double again sometime. . . it's always fun to see you!

The Delorenzis Family said...

Waxing cheese?! I had no idea there was such a thing and I LOVE cheese. You'll have to email me with the details. I'd love cheese in my food storage.

WAY TO GO on saving 20% for a downpayment on a house. You guys are such an example. And you should be very proud. ;)

Jenise said...

You make me want to be a better person. What a good example you are, but then you have always been to me. I have to say this, If you don't already have a real estate agent, will you please consider my mom for the job? Congrats on the 20% down. That is nice goal to reach.

superpaige said...

Good for you! I've started grinding my wheat and making bread, too. I hadn't thought about waxing cheese, though. Aren't you industrious?

Stephen Lisonbee said...


The Heaps said...

Little Paige,
I just need to come down to your house when you're doing all these ready "prepardeness" stuff.