Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Some of the latest funnies to come out of the kid's mouth:

  • I not sad, I happy! (when he's in trouble, we tell him "This is so sad" and put him in his room. For the last couple months, as soon as he realizes where we're headed, he cries out, hoping it'll keep him out of his room.)
  • You can't reach it. (smiling as he holds something in his hand over his head)
  • You big trouble, Mom. (for some reason, Josh is never in big trouble - he's even told me to go to his room and then he's shut the door behind me)
  • I not in big trouble. (when we catch him in the act)
  • I working here! (when he wants to keep playing instead of whatever he needs to be doing)
  • I need popsicle. (he never wants one, he needs it)
  • Just stop a minute, k Dad? (when they're wrestling or chasing and Gray wants to get a leg up, he pulls this one on Josh)
  • I going now. Bye! (announcing his departure from the room; he even waves as he goes)
  • Mom, Mom, Mom, there the ABC's! (he gets so excited when he notices letters on signs and such)
  • Um, green. (anytime we ask him what color something is)

Grayson's such a sweet little boy. He's extra big into kisses and hugs right now and will often insist on both when he's leaving, even if it's just to go outside. This morning he kissed me goodbye through the shower door when he left my bathroom. He always makes the kissing sound (mu-wah) when he kisses, and he likes to pull your face toward his using both hands. It's very endearing.

He's also very sensitive. Whenever anyone's crying (child or adult, real or fictional) he gets a worried look on his face and will tell me they are 'so sad' seemingly near tears himself. If they're a real person, he usually walks over to give them a hug and tell them he's so sorry. I love it most of the time, but it gets a little embarrassing when he does it to strangers at church or at the store.

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Jake said...

Wait. This cannot be the first time. I heard you lost him to a restaurant kitchen before. ;)

Miss you guys.