Friday, May 11, 2007

How my garden isn't growing

My garden has been doing so awesome since I planted last month, but Vegas has sustained 98+ weather for the last week or so and it's really taken a toll on my little plants. :( The heat plus the wind have been drying out my blossoms before they have a chance to become much more. My pea plants have basically dried up now, and my zucchinis haven't produced any fruit yet, even though they're blossoming like mad. It's really quite frustrating because my peas were sooo delicious back when they grew. Here is a picture of one of my peas compared to a frozen pea. plump and delightful!
The good news is strawberries grow splendidly in the heat, and my plants are cranking them out! Here is a picture of one of my strawberries compared to one of my peas. They're huge and taste like they're straight out of California!
I got my first blossoms on my jalapeƱo and cucumber plants yesterday, and I still have about 10 tomatoes that are growing nicely - just need to ripen up. If there's a silver lining to moving back to Utah, it's that my gardens there flourish.

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Katz said...

yeah... vegas is torture on things trying to grow.

and... katie wants stawberries.