Sunday, May 13, 2007

A job well-done

Sweet! The score for the semester's test I was most worried about (Chem 121) was posted online today. I got 81%! That may not seem like an excellent score for me until you realize that Chemistry was my most difficult class this semester and that score was for the standardized test given to all Gen Chem students across the United States. I'm smarter than 80% of the students who took that test!

After my professor weighted it against the topics we didn't cover in class, I ended up with an even 90% on the final. I only needed a 78% on the final to earn an A, so the 90% brought me to a solid A for the class. I am so happy and Josh is so proud.

PS - Lest you think I got lucky in the class or don't know a difficult class when I see one, here is a letter of commendation given me by my Chemistry lab instructor. It's so nice when hard work pays off, and I worked my ass off in this class.

On the flip side, I got an A in my English class and I didn't do much in there. That class was ridiculously easy, which just goes to show that if someone tests out of a class, you shouldn't make them take it anyway, just for a stinking letter grade. I mean, if you test out of a class, shouldn't it be obvious you'd do well if you actually took it? I skated through that class and my professor still called me an exemplary student. What does that tell you about the work-ethic-less students that accompanied me to class everyday? I'm still bitter about CCSN wasting my time and money, grrrrr.


chartie said...

DAISY!!!! I didn't know you had a blog. I've got some catching up to do. How are you?

Katz said...

Congrats! I know how hard you're been studying for your chem class. That's awesome!

bestsariah said...

Hi! I found you on Chris's blog. I didn't know you had a blog either. Nice to hear you're doing well. Good job on the school stuff!

Laurie said...

That's such wonderful news! Chemistry was my own personal nightmare in college. I'm so happy for you!