Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bad news?

I can't believe I forgot to post about my last ob visit. It was Thursday, December 6, exactly five weeks after my November 1 visit and guess what? I only gained one pound in those five weeks. My doctor was concerned, primarily because most of his patients gain too much weight during the holidays, not too little. He asked me if I thought I was measuring normal compared to my last pregnancy. Well, that *was* eight years ago, but yeah, I think so. He says I'm measuring a little small, but he wasn't concerned about it because I'm a small person, I'm fairly active, I've had the picture-perfect pregnancy, and I've always had regular weight gain. Until now.

Personally, I don't think there's anything to be worried about. I think I just got extra exercise while we were gallivanting about during Thanksgiving. Believe me, I ate more than my fair share of goodies.
All I know is I've already gained 21 pounds and I still have eight weeks to go! I gained 27 pounds total with Amanda. But even though my blood pressure was good, the baby moves constantly, his heartbeat sounded great, and I haven't had any pain/cramping, I'm going to have another ultrasonic look at the little guy on December 20 'just to make sure he's still growing.'

So naturally, we've begun worrying, even though we really don't think there's reason to, and we began altering our normal routines slightly to keep me from
unnecessarily going out and about. We decided against me helping Josh shovel the driveway and sidewalks Friday night after our ward Christmas party, 'just in case.' I'm more aware of when the baby's moving or not, and Josh is constantly lecturing me to eat something and 'just sit still.' He ran errands yesterday so I could stay home and relax, so I got to bake four 'thank-you cakes' and finish putting up Christmas decorations - yay, all done!

But I knew it was stressing me out subconsciously after the dream I had last night. I was competing on the TV show The Biggest Loser, and the dark-haired girl, Jillian, was my trainer, and she was telling me that if I didn't lose any weight I would be kicked off the show. I was crying because I didn't want to lose weight but she didn't care that I was pregnant and was being very mean and threatening. Then she told me my baby didn't have to lose weight because I could lose a couple of pounds in my bum! I was so embarrassed and completely devastated. No one was happy with me.

After I woke up and processed it all, I started laughing. Just yesterday I told my friend Shama that I thought my bum was getting longer from the pregnancy. Not wider (my hips are still super narrow, oddly enough), just longer, but I didn't realize it would sneak into my subconscious and stress me out.

Anyway, we're a little worried about it, but trying not to be. This same thing happened to my sis-in-law Holly and my friend Sarah as well. Even the doc said he thought everything was fine -
it's just a precautionary ultrasound. The silver lining is that I scheduled it for a time that Josh could take off work to be there, and we get to see our baby again!


Sara said...

It's so easy to get scared during pregnancy, isn't it? I was always scared when I was growing a person inside me. My guess is you're just naturally tiny, and you're active, and everything is fine. Fine fine fine!

chartie said...

Did Jillian's barking at your get bleeped out like it does in real life? Sometimes she really is so mean! I'm just not a very big fan of this season's biggest loser!

How fun that Josh gets to go with you. That should make up for all the worrying, right?

deidra said...

Like Chris actually blogs/comments. That one was from me, not him!

Katz said...

i'm sure everything is okay. just take it easy and don't let the doctors freak you out. i'm glad josh gets to go with you again. todd didn't get to see garrett at all.

bechtold clan said...

Im sure your fine, just like you said youve been getting more exersice of late..but Josh is so sweet, reminds me of worried and protective. I had life insurance test done over the weekend and she brought in her scale( i dont own one ) and its been about 4 weeks since my last ob visit, and I havent gained any weight which surprised me.( I look bigger) I figure its just going to hit one week all at once :) Keep us posted on what the doctor thinks but Im with Katz..

Bobbie said...

My cousin gained so little during the last trimester the dr's were concerned too, but the little one is so beautiful and was fine. The plus side about being plus sized (snicker) is that they don't ever say a word if I haven't gained anything. :-)

Jahn said...

Ah, so that's why I don't have any kids. It's these stupid skinny hips.

Oh, wait...

Daisy Paige said...

Thanks for being so reassuring, everybody. I've begun thinking it's the baby's fault if he's small and not mine. If he didn't move around so much, he wouldn't burn so many calories!

Deidra, I hate Jillian and I'm sure that's why she was the one in my dream. She made me cry so so much.

Jahn, you silly man!