Monday, December 3, 2007

Vacation highlights

We finally returned from our 2-week excursion all over Hell's half-acre during the end of November. Here are some highlights (in no particular order):
  • Pam's homemade black forest banana cream pie
  • The new kid-sized 4-wheelers and all the crashing and dirt that ensued
  • Cards, cards, and more cards - including a magical win for Josh and I at hand and foot!
  • Seeing my father sealed to his parents
  • Zeno, Sapheneous, and Milo - my ancestors
  • Maryann's pregnancy announcement over dinner
  • Grandma's reaction to said announcement
  • Don's Lake Powell response
  • Target's rain check and our new monitors
  • Family Flag Football
  • Dice with Dennis and Raleigh
  • Finally seeing Bourne Ultimatum at the dollar show
  • Staying up 'til 2am with Russ and Hill
  • Lots o' rain in Las Vegas - it never poured like that while we lived there!
  • Inheriting a crib, dresser, Boppy, and Moses basket for the coming addition
  • Coming up with a name (but we're not telling anyone what it is)
  • Family pictures!
  • Jon Schmidt at Tuacahn, even though it almost rained out
  • Hot chocolate that made the concert bearable
  • Emily's blessing and the party afterward
  • Perfect weather for driving home with a trailer carrying all our junk
All the pics are still in southern Utah on my Mom's camera and computer, so I've no proof that we had a great time. You'll just have to take my word for it.


Bobbie said...

What a crazy trip it sounds like you all had! Love the football pictures.

familyofthewaves said...

Sorry I missed you. I would have love to seen you (and your cute belly) and of course to show off my children. I love being a Mom!