Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Parents' Guide to Babies

Tip One: A diaper bag is a 'Must-Have'

Take a diaper bag with baby stuff to your first pediatrician's visit. I hope that other new parents totally spaced their 'baby needs' when they first went out with their newborns, because if they didn't, we must be morons. We showed up at the pediatrician's office today to get the kid's bilirubin levels checked again and while we're waiting for the doc to come into the room, we hear the all-too familiar sound of our dear son filling his diaper. We started getting him ready to change him when we both realized we couldn't. We barely remembered a blanket and hat, let alone the basics.

Josh sheepishly asked a nurse if he had time to drive home to get our missing baby gear. She kindly offered to let us have one of their diapers, so we took it. She didn't say anything about it, but I'm hoping that smile on her face was saying she'd seen it all before.

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