Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Parents' Guide to Babies

Tip Two: Don't travel with baby until right after
you've fed and changed him.

We took Grayson down to southern Utah over the weekend to meet the rest of my family and enjoy slightly warmer weather. We left SLC Sunday night (February 23) and pretty much drove in a blizzard until after we passed Fillmore. It was awful. Combine that with our first ever long-distance drive with a newborn, and you had a very worried and frazzled Paige in the back seat. I kept worrying that he needed to be changed and fed, even making Josh pull over on a snow-covered freeway so I could check his diaper. We didn't leave until after church got out, so it was dark outside and I went crazy not being able to see him without the interior light on. And need I describe the frustration at trying to pump in the dark? The trip down turned into one of the longest and worst drives I've ever had, and I wasn't even the driver. I'm so grateful to Josh for being so patient with me.

Here is a very boring clip of Grayson peacefully sleeping on our drive back. I fed and changed him right before we left, and he slept the entire 4 hours home. And since it was daylight out, I pumped easily and even got some homework done in the car. I guess it's really not that hard to travel with babies this age, is it?

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Katz said...

oh... trust me. traveling with a newborn is cake. driving across the country with an almost 10 month old. complete nightmare.