Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Belly bands

Ladies, if you're expecting, you should buy these belly bands (or make them yourselves, I'm sure it's not too difficult). I bought some last week and have worn the white one pretty much every single day since. My only regret is not buying them earlier when my pants started getting tighter.

You see, I'm one of the lucky women whose tummy reaches out far and wide during pregnancy without much change to my bum, hips, or thighs. This means that when I put on jeans to fit my belly, they drown every other part of me and look terrible. So I'm stuck. I'm too small for maternity pants, but too big to do up my zippers all the way, and using a rubber band to keep my pants buttoned up isn't the most attractive thing I've ever done. What I really need is a way to give myself an extra inch or two around the waist of the pants I already own that fit the rest of my body.

Bring in the belly bands.

I first did a google search for belly bands because Katie told me to check them out. The BellaBand is what I initially found. The reviews on Amazon were all positive, but I didn't want to drop $26 plus shipping for just one band, and I didn't find them much cheaper on other sites, so I kept looking. I found another brand of Belly Bands for $20 each, but still couldn't justify the expense.

I was about to call up Lacie and ask her to help me make my own when I had the thought to look on eBay. There were several used bands for sale, but I found this Massachusetts homemaker that makes her own, cheaper, version of the BellaBand. She had good feedback so I thought I'd give her product a try. I bought two bands (one white and one black) for a mere $21, including shipping.

What a miracle they've turned out to be! I've been wearing my favorite jeans and casual pants for the last week, and rekindled an old love affair with a favorite pale blue daisy skirt on Sunday (blogger's photo service is broken right now). These bands are perfect because they're just tight enough to keep my pants up for now, but have plenty of stretch to grow with me during the rest of my pregnancy. It just looks like I'm wearing a t-shirt underneath my top. While it does take me longer to put myself together after using the restroom, it's been so nice to go back to wearing clothes that fit my body and my skinny bird legs.

So I'm officially endorsing these bands as a pregnancy must-have. Get some now, and get your comfortable confidence back!


Katz said...

that's awesome! i'm glad that you found some at a good price.

Dainon. said...

You know, I used to be in the Shaved Belly Band. Just saying.