Monday, October 22, 2007

Stake Conference

Our stake was one that got invited to attend the multi-stake stake conference gathering at the Conference Center yesterday. Although tired from arising early in order to get downtown, find parking, and secure a decent seat (pregnant women need an aisle for the least-disturbing bathroom access possible), we were thrilled with the conference and very happy we made the effort to attend.

While I enjoyed all the talks (although the two boys behind me prevented me from hearing the majority of President Packer's talk), I especially loved President Hinckley's talk. He spoke of marriage, and the duties each spouse has toward the other in making a marriage successful. Neither spouse is exempt from loving and respecting the other, forgiving him or her, or working on the union. It was nice to hear a friendly reminder that marriage requires work. I remember attending my singles' wards and there was so much emphasis on marriage it seemed that was all we needed to finally be complete. However, in my own marriage, I have learned it's merely the beginning to an entirely new chapter in life.

Josh and I have had our ups and downs together, although I dare say we've had many more ups (knock on wood). During the talk, I kept thinking of how lucky I am to have Josh. I know he loves me and treats me the way I deserve, even better! He speaks a quiet truth, and he has never held himself above me as "the man of the house." I know he listens to me and that we have an equal say in family decisions. He freely compliments me, and in turn, I want to please him even more. I am so grateful for him, his patience, his work ethic, and his standard of living. He is an incredible man.

I'm especially grateful for our love for each other now that we'll be welcoming our first child into our home. I'm pleased that our son will grow up knowing that he is wanted, loved, and that his parents have a real commitment to one another. I pray every day that God will see fit to continue blessing us as He has these last two years. I don't know what I did to deserve such happiness, but I hope I keep it up.


familyofthewaves said...

Isn't that so true- you think you'll get married and then you don't have to try anymore? Well, that seemed to be the case until we had kids. We are both so tired of taking care of four of us that we tend to forget the important things. It is nice to be reminded about marriage taking work. Thanks for the post.

Lucy Stern said...

Marriage does take work...I have been married to the same man for 36 years and I can totally see me in the eternities with him.

It would be completely awesome to go to a stake conference where Pres. Hinckley was the speaker.

Sara said...

Do you know how lucky you are to see President Hinckley speak? The only time we've ever seen him in real life was at the parade a couple of years ago, and we almost peed our pants. I would love to have been at that stake conference!

Daisy Paige said...

We were so surprised but delighted when we saw President Hinckley walk in to the conference center before the meeting began. An usher had told the man sitting in front of us that President Hinckley would be presiding, but she didn't tell us he was going to speak! It was so awesome. We know we are super lucky to have him so close and accessible to us.

Sara, you and the kiddies should come down for spring conference next year. Surely one of the million friends you have in Utah can score you some tickets to one (or more) of the sessions. And I'm willing to bet that hearing him speak in person would be even more awesome than seeing him in a parade!