Friday, April 11, 2008

For Grandma Candy

Now that I know how much Josh's mom enjoys these little videos, I'll try and upload more for her to enjoy. We take a lot of footage with our actual video camera, but neither of us has ever taken the time to figure out how to take the videos off of it. So I'll try and take extra videos with our digital camera instead.

When I woke up this morning, I heard my baby babbling on and on. I peeked into the bassinet to see what was going on, and he was wide awake, talking to no one in particular. I told him "Good Morning, dear" and got one of the biggest smiles I've seen to date. Naturally, I tried to recreate the moment. It turned out well, but his face mostly registers the "I'm trying to let go of some gas" look toward the end.


Laurie said...

Seriously, blogs with baby updates are wonderful. I used to feel funny talking about all the little things Micah does, but then I realized that his grandparents and many other family members check our blog daily for updates! And as my husband's mom said, having a grandson is like a second chance to enjoy your son as a baby again.

Plus, I suspect you have lots of friends who also really love looking at your gorgeous baby (ME!).

Sherpa said...

What a doll!