Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Do any of you remember that one post, a long time ago, when I commented that my husband's work ethic was the thing I hated to love about him? If you don't, here's the lowdown...Josh travels a lot for work and occasionally works late during the week. I often refer to myself as a 'work widow', and with good cause. He misses some family gatherings and nights out with friends when he's on-call. He's the Senior FSE for this area, so even though there are two other guys to help out when necessary, Josh is the primary go-to guy. When a hospital has a problem, Josh is the first to hear about it. It usually isn't much of a problem, though, just an inconvenience. I have Grayson to keep me company now, and we always like the extra cash overtime and on-call brings in. But today we got word that Josh has earned the ultimate reward.

My husband is a member of the President's Club. And as such, Josh's job wants to send us to Cancun! On their dime! And Grayson can go, too!

This is totally new territory for us. We haven't taken any real vacations since we were engaged because we're constantly putting any extra money into the 'house downpayment fund' (which we hope to cash out later this year, if Cherlyn really decides to sell this house!). The trip is short, just May 22-May 25, but that's perfect for my summer school schedule (Mon-Wed). And we can add extra days if we want to, but I'm just not sure about international travel and vacation with a 3-month-old.

So, do we dare take Grayson with us to Cancun? I know I can leave him here with my brother's family and just pump in Cancun to keep up my milk supply. If we go, do we dare add a couple of extra days? If we take Grayson, will he need any special shots before or after the trip? How do I get there if my passport shows Paige H and not Paige G?

So much to consider, so short an attention span. A few things are certain, though: I want Josh to go. He deserves it. And I'm going, whether Josh or Grayson go or not. I also deserve it. Yay for us!


wdwbobbie said...

Passports: Grayson would need one before you go if you decide to take him with you. If you passport says Paige H and you don't want to/have time to change it before you leave make sure you ticket says Paige H! It's really not a big deal, just make sure the ticket and passport match.

Shots: The standard vaccinations are all that's recommended for most travel in Mexico, it's always good to just ask your doctor.

Having been to Cancun I think it would be fine to take Grayson, however if you can have family watch him it might be more enjoyable for you two if you go alone, just think... no diapers. :-) Also, when my brother and his wife lived in Cozumel they always had people that would touch the kids. So if you're a germ freak that's something to think about to.

22 years ago my mom took my 6 month old sister to the Dominican Republic. Her hardest thing about the trip was people touching the baby, it freaked her out. She always says if she could she would have left her home.

deidra said...

No advice, but how exciting! Isn't it great when they get recognized for all their hard work?

stewbert said...

NO advice either, just was going to say the same thing Bobbie did about the passport/ticket. Bobbie gave you some other great pointers, too. How exciting!!! Congrats to Josh!

pcd said...

Oh, I am so glad for you, and a little jealous. We took Natalie to Cabo when she was just shy of four months and it was so much fun. I didn't have any trouble with people touching her, which makes me happy. It was such an easy age that I didn't mind bringing her, and she wasn't too big of an inconvenience anywhere we went. As far as germs go, you are one of the most careful people I know so you'll be fine. The "touristy" places are pretty clean...especially the resorts, so just bring some disinfecting wipes and your common sense and you will have such a great time! But, if you don't bring Grayson, that will be fun too!

pcd said...

One more will need to get started on Grayson's passport right away. That can be a big pain in the neck!