Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hey Babe

Josh is training out in New Jersey all this week and told me he's been watching the last couple of Grayson videos over and over again every night because he misses him so much. So I'm posting this as his honorary second life.

My Mom wanted me to tell you "We saw your kid and you didn't, sucka!" when they drove up last-minute for the Jazz game Monday night.
Of course, that's not 'exactly' what she said, but close enough. I'm sure she'll call me right away to protest when she reads that.

Nothing exciting happened yesterday, but today has been a riot. Occasionally when he eats, Grayson will fall off to take a breather - usually when he's concentrating on expelling gas. Well, during his first feeding today, he fell off as expected but what happened next was anything but ordinary. I heard something suspicious so checked him out, and oh my, lookit what I found!Yes, that is our baby's poop smeared out of the top of his diaper and up his back. Lucky for everyone reading, I didn't take any detailed pictures. This was his worst blowout to date, hands down. Somehow I managed to get Grayson's jammies off without creating too big of a mess and threw him in the bath. Unfortunately, he doesn't like to do anything but eat when he's hungry, so he did not have a good time getting cleaned up.Still feel like you're missing out?

Anyway, I got Grayson cleaned up, fed him and dressed him for the day. I purposefully put him in the blue outfit that you love because I knew I would write you your own blog entry tonight. After he was dressed, I asked Grayson if he wanted to take over your half of the bed while you're out of town. He thought that was a great idea and wasted no time settling in.
Finally, I asked him if there was anything he wanted to tell you, darlin', and true to "H" form, he went on and on and on and... (Sorry if I ruined it by talking over him at times - I was just trying to encourage him!)

I know we just spoke on the phone, and I need to get this published so you can read it tonight before you go to bed, but I thought I'd let you know that I narrowly escaped rolling over the soybean that popped out of its shell while we were talking. Grayson is done eating, burped like a champ, and fell fast asleep on my chest. Just like it was yours.
I guess Grayson gets his double chin from me, eh? We love you and can't wait for you to come home!


familyofthewaves said...

That's cute! Don't you just love those blow outs? I've changed some that have gone all the way up their backs and into their hair! Definately bath worthy.

Laurie said...

Those pictures are so gorgeous! He's one of the most delicious babies ever.

And diaper blow outs... Holy smokes, I don't miss 'em at all!

Trude said...

you're baby is absolutely beautiful ..

haha love the baby blow out . I had a similar incident with my niece except she's 1 years old and it was nasty nasty stuff .. even i needed a scrub down after that change ..

Sara said...

Love the poopy! Haha. I remember when Max used to do that all the time. Fun fun.

Josh said...

Babe, you're awesome.