Monday, June 2, 2008

4 months!

During the last month, Grayson...
  • Grew to 14.5 pounds and 24.5 inches long
  • Moved into his own room and started sleeping in his crib!
  • Settled on a very regular 8-hour night: 9-10pm bedtime, 5-6am wakeup
  • Got blessed by his Daddy
  • Started reaching for and grabbing his toys
  • Went to a restaurant with both Mom & Dad
  • Decided pacifiers are for wussy babies and started sucking his own fingers instead
  • Attended his first temple wedding
  • Breast-fed in public for the first time
  • Spent a glorious 4-day, 3-night vacation at Don & Holly's, including a trip to the cabin!
  • Started rocking a lot, but doesn't quite roll
  • Helped us plant a garden
  • Started blowing 'raspberries' at us through all the saliva that has earned him yet another nickname - Slimey
Seriously. I can't believe Grayson's not dehydrated with all the liquid that comes out of that mouth. He gets a huge saliva ring down the front of his shirts/onesies/jammies and the second an object hits his mouth, it's covered in goo. Everyone says he's probably teething, but this has been going on for weeks now, and 3-4 months old just seems a little young for teeth. All I know is that if he wasn't my kid, I'd be pretty grossed out.


Katz said...

Yay big boy!

Both of mine started "teething" at 3 months. Bronson had his first tooth at 5 months. Garrett still doesn't have any teeth yet.

bechtold clan said...

Yup sounds just like elijiah- he came out drooling :)
Wore a bib everyday of his life for the first 18 months. Seriously. It got to be a the only thing that I worried about( finding cute- and cool bibs) gotta love it!

John-E-Boi said...

That's some high quality Baby don't come cheap!

Just wait till he's oozing from his nose and mouth...when those teeth come in it's a SUPER fun time!