Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good grief

I'm falling further and further behind in my blogging. I just can't find the time to keep up between vacations, homework, housework, yard work, family events (three babies have been born since Grayson!), and Primary. I hopped on my computer today to post an update and wouldn't you know I spent an hour trying to organize all the videos and pictures from May and June instead? The good news is that's done. The bad news is we're leaving tomorrow (again) for southern Utah (again) to take more pictures and create more memories to write about for posterity's sake. My kids better enjoy reading this one day.


I really want to stay home next weekend, and, as of right now, I'll be able to. Woo-hoo! An entire weekend that I can spend doing whatever it is *I* want to do! All I really want to do is spend some quality time in the yards, scrub my shower, install the ceiling fans, mop my kitchen floor, and spend an evening alone with my husband and baby. Keep your fingers crossed that next weekend is it! My partner is teaching Primary, no one is getting born, blessed, baptized, or married, and it's the off-week for family dinners. I'll get to cook something nice for Josh and I and maybe we can go to bed early.

since I need to finish doing laundry, packing and shopping for this weekend's trip, I need to sign off without finishing any of my blog drafts. I'll go ahead and leave you with a picture Josh took of Grayson and me at a park in Cedar City last Friday, June 6, when we went down to meet his new cousin, Joseph. It was really windy but I'm just happy to have a photo of me and my boy since I'm usually the one holding the camera.


Katz said...

Super cute! I miss you guys!

deidra said...

Holy cow! He's so big!

Burbidge Family said...

enjoy the vacations now because once he is old enough to know what is going on you will never want to be in the car again, Take it from someone that drove to from Laramie and back about a dozen times in 2 years!!! YUCK! But hey we will keep tabs on the house!!!

Jenise said...

Ok, so you are so going to kill me and I can't believe this really happened, but I happened to be in Cedar City on that very same Friday that you were. Now that really sucks. I wish I could have seen you and your cute little boy. If I only knew!!!

Todd & Wende said...

Paige, wow you have a beautiful family. Jake gave me your website and I had to stop by and say hello. It has been so long. Sounds like you are busy one. Glad to see all is well. Congrats on the new baby.