Thursday, June 19, 2008

Children's Books

I just posted this over at The Hip Homemaker Blog, but want as much feedback as possible, so I'm putting it here as well. Feel free to share your books on either blog!

One of my favorite things to do is read to Grayson while I'm feeding him. I feel like it creates an even deeper bond between us, as well as benefits his mental and language development. I have accumulated a very small collection of children's books over the years and they currently sit on the bookshelf in his bedroom. Among them are classic Dr. Seuss books, several by Max Lucado, and of course Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. But how many lesser-known authors am I missing out on?

I'd really like to expand Grayson's library. Tell me, what were your favorite books as a child? What are your children's favorite books? What is the one (or two or three or...) book that no child should live without? All books are welcome - boy books, girl books, board books, educational books, religious books, or just plain silly books! Please leave a comment with the book title and author's name. I want to hear from you lurkers as well! Thanks!

1. I Like You by Sandol Stoddard Warburg
2. Fanny's Dream by Caralyn Buehner
3. The Missing Piece Meets the Big O by Shel Silverstein
4. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
5. Just In Case You Ever Wonder by Max Lucado


deidra said...

No great recommendations from me (although I do love Madeline). A few years ago my mom was trying to clean out bookshelves. She had a hard time with it, because each book she pulled out to put in the "donate" box, someone had some attachment to. I wouldn't worry so much about having great books, but just having books aplenty!

BeatlesDiva said...

The Little Prince is my all time favorite story! I think everyone of all age should read it. But it is a tear jearker, that's my only complaint about it.

Sara said...

My favourite is Noisy Nora. I think it's by Rosemary Wells. It was my favourite when I was little, and the very first book I learned how to read.

Brittany said...

Tomie dePaola books! He has a range of topics and stories, but I mostly like his illustrations. We have Tomie's Little Mother Goose, which I love, and I would like to get some more.

Also, Alexander really likes "From Head to Toe" by Eric Carl. I like it because it teaches body parts, plus animals and you can also do animal sounds with it. Good for little toddlers.

We also like the Sandra Boynton board books (Going to Bed Book, Hey Wake Up, etc).

Dr. Suess is always a winner, but it sounds like you've got that covered.

Another classic? Winnie the Pooh! You can't go wrong there.

Laurie said...

I started reading to Micah while he was still in the NICU, and let me tell you, I totally agree with you. The effort is worth it, even when you think they're not paying attention. Now, Micah is always (always!!) handing me stories to read to him.

A big surprise was Goodnight Moon. I didn't think there would be all the much to it, but Micah LOVES it! He also gets a kick out of No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and books where you can feel the pages such as B is for Bear (found at Toys R Us).

bechtold clan said...

I love that you are doing this...I cant say that I did novels or any thing other than shorts, but here are some of my favs..

Goodnight Moon
The Kissing Hand
anything by Sandra Boynton
Going on a bear hunt...
I guess I could go on and on, but I cant seem to remember either the title or the author...bummer.

Butterfields said...

Here's my two cents:

Anything by David Shannon (Glenn really likes Duch on a Bike)
Alphabet Mystery by Wood
How Do Dinosaurs say Goodnight?
I'm Dirty by McMullan
No Matter What by Debi Gliori
The boys also enjoy the Sandra Boynton books.

Bethany said...

We LOVE anything by the Buehners! Not only are they cute stories (usually with a great moral), but the illustrations are so fun to look at. We could spend hours poring over their books.

We love music in our house, so stories that incorporate songs are fun. "If You Were My Bunny" and "Never put a frog in the kitchen sink" are good ones to start with.