Thursday, July 24, 2008

June recap

Before too much more time passes, there are a couple of June events I don't want to forget...

Tamsen and Eric blessed one of Grayson's new cousins, Gabriella, on June 1 (Happy Birthday, Dana!). We had a great time visiting with lots of family at a nearby park afterward. It was a little windy, but always fun to get together and pig out.
Yay for me and my party!
Special thanks to Natalie for her bundt pan Rainbow Jell-o adventure!

Josh worked in southern Utah June 5-6, so Grayson and I tagged along to see family and meet another new cousin. Grandma had a softball game June 5 and Grayson really enjoyed watching it. And like all good Grandmas, when her team was at bat and she wasn't up any time soon, she would come out to sit with us.
Caleen, Grayson, Bailey, Grandma, Me
The next day we made up a couple of sandwiches and headed to Cedar City to picnic at a local park. The wind sucked, but it was nice to see Penny's family, even if we all ended up crowding her kitchen while the flooded carpet was pulled up in the living room.
Grayson & JosephI just like this pic. I have a hunch Grayson may be the favorite.

We spent an ominous Friday the 13th at Rich and Joni's for a bbq with some southern Utah friends. Russ and Hill came up from Vegas and it's the first time we've seen them since our quick trip down there last November. Grayson also got to meet Jeff and Alicia, Kasey and Monique,
Darren and Leslie, Jed and Nicole, and everyone's kiddies. There was so much to talk about and catch up on - it's always worth the hassle of gathering everyone together.

June 14th was our busy day! We woke early to set tables, cut fruit and skewer it, and stuff croissant sandwiches for Maryann's Toquerville baby shower. Tons of ladies came out to support her, which is exactly what we wanted. I tried to get 'action shots' of the party, so unfortunately I just took random pics of no one in particular. Here's one of them:

That night was the entire family's birthday present to Les Miserables at Tuacahn (thanks Mom and Dad!). Grayson did well with all the people and music (I made ear plugs out of napkins for him and I think it helped). Josh felt him relieve what he thought was gas during the performance and took him to get changed. When he came back, Grayson was naked! Turns out Grayson had had his second blowout ever, and it was a bad one. It had leaked all over Josh's shirt as well. Go figure I hadn't taken a change of clothes or any jammies for the little guy, but Penny had an extra nightgown in her bag and let us borrow it. I did have to get up
and help put him to sleep later on, but I didn't mind. I got to sing 'A Heart Full of Love' to him because we were away from everybody. He loved it.

Grayson and I got to get together for girls' dinner with Chazzie, Jen, Natalie,
Erika and Kristine on June 17th. It was so much fun seeing Jen's baby, eating all that delicious food, and catching up on the last couple of years. Hopefully Chazzie will help Josh and me find our dream home when the time comes!

My I.O. came for a visit and met Grayson for the first time on June 18th. It was a covert operation, but everything went smoothly, even the carpet cleaning the next day. I miss our travel memories, inside jokes, casual conversations, and daily Dave Barry quotes, but I understand it must be this way in order to keep harmony in his marriage.

We had family dinner at Don and Holly's June 22 and I took this pic in the car on the way home. Believe it or not, Grayson has two more chins under that one. So cute to look at,
such a pain to clean.
The first Lake Powell trip was June 24-28 but we didn't get to go. :-( One of Josh's coworkers asked those days off before Josh had the chance, so he couldn't get the time off work. Grayson and I thought about going without him, but I wasn't confident I could make a 6-hour drive alone with a 4 1/2 month old in the back seat without killing us both, so we stayed home and pretended to get extra sleep instead. And let's face it, we needed a break! We're still bummed we missed out, but thank goodness we have another one coming so soon!


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He's so stinking cute!

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Grayson and Joseph look a lot alike!

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Cutie! My kids hate it when I sing to them. Go figure.