Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The latest on Mormons

I originally wrote this post on December 10, but when I went to reference it today, I couldn't find it. I guess it's because I never finished uploading the pictures and posted it. Silly me!

This is the final installment of my 'latest' trilogy. It's "The latest on Mormons" because there's been so much happening spiritually with the holiday season.
On Grayson's 10-month birthday we went to a live Nativity the singles ward in our stake put on. It was so beautiful and Grayson loved it! He 'oohs' now when he sees something fascinating, and he did it throughout the presentation.Our ward had its Christmas party on December 5 and Grayson and I went to it with our neighbors, Bill and Kit, since Josh was traveling to southern Utah to work.
The food and company was wonderful, but the best part was that all the Primary kids got to act out parts of the nativity in a Christmas program. My kids were the sheep, and they did such a good job! We made our costumes in class the Sunday before and they turned out so cute. Once again I couldn't tell who was more pleased with the kids, me or their parents.
My sheep (sans Annie)Action!
I secretly loved that there was no Santa Claus at the party. The focus was entirely on the program and it really brought to light the true reason for this holiday season. However, this does mean that Grayson still has not met Santa so there is no picture of them together. I guess I'll settle for a picture of Gray with his zombie-eyed mommy instead.December 6 was our tithing settlement and Grayson and I went alone while Josh was at work. I reminded Josh a couple weeks ago that we were not doing Christmas this year because he already got what he wanted, so while I was in the middle of meeting with the bishop, I felt impressed to tell him we wanted to give our Christmas to a family in the ward if they needed it (don't worry, there is one present under the tree for Grayson to open on his first Christmas morning and for us to video him doing so). I can't go into too much detail about the family he told me we could help or how we chose them because some members of my ward read this blog, but just know that that was some of the most enjoyable Christmas shopping I've ever done! It took THREE attempts to successfully deliver our gifts, and we loved the excitement of every one of them. I am so grateful for a hard-working husband that's always game for whatever I plan, even if it means giving Christmas away without asking beforehand. I love my family and my life so much. What a perfect first week in December!


Anonymous said...

Aw, so sweet! I love ward christmas parties too.

Brittany said...

Don't forget, all you have to do to get a picture of Grayson with Santa is wait in a 45 minute line at the mall and fork over $20! If Grayson isn't already fussy by then just wait until you get him on an ornery, big, hairy stranger's lap.

I thought the Christmas pageant was wonderful. I'm so glad they swooped me off the committee right in time (though I'm prideful enough--wink. wink--to admit that before I left I DID urge them to make it more of a Jesus-y party than a Sant-y Claus-y party). I wish we had been in town the weeks before so Alexander could have participated in the program. I didn't even know about it until it started! By the way, thanks for taking and sending the pictures of Lincoln that night. Sorry we tried to steal Grayson's monkey. Darn, you caught us! Next time we'll get it... next time.