Monday, December 8, 2008

So...what's the latest?

I'm a bad Mommy. I took about six pictures of Grayson during the entire month of November. That's it. And I just shared most of them in his 10-month post. Grayson woke shortly before 4am yesterday morning to eat, and I couldn't fall asleep again once he was finished, so I spent a couple of hours finishing his 10-month post, writing this one, and catching up on everyone else. Those four hours seriously flew by!

November was a bad month to miss picture-wise. That was the month Grayson started standing by himself, both when we let go of him and when he chose to let go on his own.
He's gotten really good at balance-checking himself, and already walks all over the house while holding on to objects. No 'real' steps though! We tried taking pictures and videoing it, but as soon as we catch his eye, he's down on all fours and makes a beeline for the camera.

Grayson perfected waving and saying 'bah' (bye) when Josh leaves for work in the mornings and will do it about 75% of the time
when others leave and we prompt him. It's very cute because he waves his hand reversed so he's actually waving goodbye to himself (or beckoning others to come, depending on how you interpret it).

Grayson also started 'kissing' us regularly last month. It's so funny to watch him study our puckered lips and then see his interpretation of what we're doing. Here are his first attempts on November 2:It's absolutely disgusting but adorable at the same time. See how Josh is pulling away in the second pic? Let's just say that so far I'm the only one foolish or slow enough to catch some of Grayson's excess saliva in my mouth and on my face.

Grayson is back to teething again. I don't know why it takes so long for me to figure out what alla his extra drool and fussiness means, but by the time I do the tip of the tooth has usually broken through. Case in point - four days ago I declared, "He must be teething." I checked and voila!
there it is, his lower left lateral. Duh, Mom.

There's been a lot more going on around here, but I'll have to save it for tomorrow because I have some homework to get done before I go to my last class of the semester tonight. Yay me!


Laurie said...

Oh man, I have done that where two or three months go by with few pictures, and then felt super guilty! But at least you have a really, really good excuse (school!). Congrats on the end of another semester!

LOVE the backwards wave! So funny and cute.

cstenney said...

Gray is so much bigger from when I saw him just a few short months ago. I think he looks so much like Josh. Cute family. Hope all is well.

Tara said...

He is such a DOLL!!

Jenise said...

Grayson is a cutie that is for sure. I love those slobbery kisses, though gross, they are fun.

I will be flying in on Christmas day to SLC, then flying down to Cedar on Sat the 27th through Wed. New Years Eve, which we will then fly back up to SLC and stay until Sat night or Sun depending on flights.

I would love to see you guys. I am sorry I didn't get a chance over Thanksgiving, but I believe my problem is that I don't have access to a vehicle. So I hate to make you come to me, but that is the way it seems like it will have to be. I hope you are ok with that.

Amanda said...

He's such a cutie Paige! A looker, that's for sure. :) Hey, small world. . .how do you know my cousin Candace Tenney? She's actually married to my first cousin Brett. . . small world!

cstenney said...

Hey Paige, I noticed you and Amanda are friends. That's awseome!!! He's Brett's she said. Hey, I am trying to get onto her blog, but you have to be invited to view it, can you do me a favor, and ask her to alow me to view it. It is denying me. How do you know her? small world.

Daisy Paige said...

I'm so touched I could bring two pieces of my small world together!