Friday, January 11, 2008

All things baby!

My ob appt Wednesday went well. I haven't started dilating yet, the pregnancy is still normal, and I'm still healthy. I've gained 28 pounds so far with this pregnancy, so I'll easily break 30 before I deliver. My doctor is very happy as our (his) goal was 30-35 pounds with this pregnancy. I feel like such a good, obedient patient! I can't help but think that 30 pounds seems a bit excessive, but if the baby is healthy and I don't reach 150, I don't really care. I'll bet most of it is in my breasts, anyway. Ugh.

Last night I put together the baby swing my mother bought
. It was super easy - I did it all by myself!We're purposefully accumulating green items so we can use them again if we have a girl the second time around. Earlier yesterday, I scrubbed down and set up the shelves and crib Hill gave us. I still need to wipe down the mattress and wash the bedding sheet and blanket before it's completely ready. We registered for this crib bedding set but then it went on clearance, so we hurried and bought it before it was sold out. Hey, at least we saved 80 bucks on it.The only other major project to complete before the baby comes is to refinish the dresser. It currently sits in the garage, waiting for Josh to have a free weekend to get it done. It was my mother's mother's dresser, and when my mom inherited it, she painted it white and I used it as a little girl. Now my mother has passed it on to me, but it desperately needs some tlc. The plan is to sand off all the paint, stain it to match a glider a lady gave us, and update the hardware, so it involves a lot of chemicals that I'm not allowed to touch or breathe in as a pregnant woman.

But my dear husband has been so busy with work that I don't want to bother him about it tomorrow. He's in southern Utah working right now - supposed to fly home tonight. He worked in Arizona Monday and Tuesday and when he flew back Tues night, he went straight to McKay-Dee hospital for an overnight upgrade. Well, his part of the upgrade never happened (even after he waited around for seven hours), and he came home and went to bed at 5am. He was up again at 8am, then worked overtime at IMC Wednesday night. Poor guy got up at 5 this morning to make his Dixie flight, and now we're both just praying he'll finish working in time to make his flight home and he won't come down with the cold I've had for the last 11 days.

Anyway, doesn't it seem like it would be cruel and unusual punishment to ask him to refinish a dresser tomorrow? I do. I think I'll send him off to spend a leisurely afternoon with his father while I'm at a baby shower instead.


bechtold clan said...

Love what you are doing with the nursery! I still had a bunch of stuff from Elijiah so its now just finding a new bumper but as for everything else Im reusing. I love the Green tho!

Katz said...

Good idea with the green and yellow stuff. That was our plan, too. I want a cute nursery. I'm so jealous of all these people that live in houses.

Sounds like Josh is still working WAY too hard.

Daisy Paige said...

Josh will never stop working too hard, which is what I hate to love about him.

And must remember that we don't get to own this house, not yet anyway. And I doubt we'd be able to afford renting this house if we lived in DC instead of Utah.

DebraPants said...

I agree with everything Katie said. lol