Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Rant

I finally realize why women are so bitchy at the end of their pregnancies and why they just want the baby out, regardless if it's time or not.

I have reached that point. I am getting HUGE (totally ballooned in the last 2-3 weeks), I've already gained 30 pounds, the baby's feet are constantly in my ribs, I wake at least 3 times/night to pee (or I wake to the baby's hiccups) and then I just lie there, trying to fall back asleep.
I woke shortly after 3am Saturday morning and was wide awake until well after 5am. It was just awful. I was *so* tired for my class that morning (but thank goodness there wasn't a huge snowstorm I had to drive through to get down there). I rarely find a comfy position to sleep/sit/stand/walk in anymore, my heartburn and gas are worse than ever before, and the kids in my primary class were so bad today that I'm presently regretting my decision to bring more children into the world. I'm too awkward to shave my legs very well, my tummy is super itchy, my back is always sore, and people treat me like I'm disabled. I'm really not looking forward to another two weeks of alla this.

But the crummiest part is that things won't magically be better after he's born.
I don't sleep now, but I'm not going to sleep after he comes, with feedings and diaper changes. Learning to breast-feed is going to be its own adventure, and I'll be worrying about his weight gain instead of my own. Instead of regular trips to the ob, it'll be regular trips to the pediatrician. When the baby comes, I've been advised to hermit myself at home until the end of March to lessen the chance of him catching RSV. Josh is going to have to start traveling a bunch again for work a few weeks after he's born, so it'll be just me and the kid a lot of the time. Cabin fever, anyone?

And I can't stop thinking about how bad my Primary kids were today.
I have a partner, April, who was gone last week and I was totally fine (eight months pregnant and I handled six 5-year-olds beautifully, all by myself!). Well, we were both there today, and could barely keep a handle on them, even though we only had six there again today. I shudder to think who I would have killed had all nine of them showed up.


Laurie said...

Stop, Paige, you're making me jealous! Hehe...

Seriously, sorry if everyone's already said this, but it is SO true when they say the inability to sleep is preparation for the baby! Micah woke every two hours for feedings in the night, and by the time I pumped after each feeding and cleaned the pumps out for the next time, it was darn near time for his next feeding. *sigh*

Anyway, as you know, it's all worth it. Micah has been the best thing to happen to me (second only to Scott). :)

Sara said...

And I'm the third best thing to ever happen to Laurie.

Sleep deprivation makes everyone feel crazy. Eventually you'll catch up. Just remember to sleep when the baby sleeps. (When he's born, I mean.) It's such a good idea if you want to stay sane!

Katz said...

I'm so with you on the uncomfortable thing. Like I said before... I don't know how you're still teaching primary.

Your really do need to sleep with the boy sleeps. And I know that it may drive you crazy, but your house may look like mine for a while.

familyofthewaves said...

Fun times! It will all be worth it. But I do remember repeatedly asking my mother after Daniel was born why we had to go through all this. Seriously, just let us rest until the baby is born. No sleep, labor and then a new baby to take care of? We are super moms!

Ben & Kimberly McEvoy said...

glad to see your comment, it is comforting to know there are other fiscally responsible people out there.

I also have to echo your blog. pregnancy is terrible for me, throw up all 9 months. and I was the sunbeams teacher in Virginia for my 2nd pregnancy. with some physical rowdy boys. that is when you know you believe it. because you suffer through crap . .because you know the purpose is right.

good luck with the coming of your new arrival