Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's recap

We spent New Year's Eve at Don & Holly's this year. We've almost spent more time at Don & Holly's the last few days than our own home because my folks came up Dec 29 for the long weekend. We all got together Saturday night for tacos and a late Christmas party (which really meant my folks brought up the northern Utah kids' and grandkids' presents, as we'd already given them theirs in time for Christmas morning). Anyway, my silly mother was adamant that she wasn't going to spoil anyone this year, then went ahead and did it anyway. She gave us all pajama pants, warm socks, a very generous Costco gift card, and the gift of Mexican Train dominoes - complete with instructions, a sack of plastic 'pennies,' a Double Fifteen Dominoes set, and a hand-painted board to keep everyone's trains on track. It was awesome. My mom is so cute.

My parents came to church with us Sunday morning, then we all trucked back up to Don & Holly's for a Heaps family dinner and games with Isaac & Shama before they went back to Texas. Shama and I pulled out a narrow victory over Josh and Mom at Hand & Foot, then totally bombed a round of Golf, go figure.

We stayed up way too late Saturday and Sunday nights, and my body doesn't know how to sleep in, so I wasn't too surprised that my throat was a little tender yesterday morning when I got up. My doc said some extra Zinc and Vitamin C are safe at this stage of my pregnancy, so I'm hoping to thwart off any illness that may be coming on. I did a little shopping with my mom and Holly
while Josh worked, and got some great deals at Target on their closeout holiday decorations. I also swung by Deseret Book and picked up Our Gift, a super-cute Willow Tree wooden statue of a couple holding their baby. I can't wait to display it in the baby's room when it's all set up. Then my mom surprised me with a swing for an early baby-shower gift - nicey! I feel like we're really moving along on getting things ready for the little guy, and I'm so grateful for all the things we've been given to help us prepare for his arrival.

Josh and I went back up to Don & Holly's to ring in the new year with everyone.
We played plenty more games (of which I only won Mormon Bridge), ate lots of food, and had ourselves a ball. Holly set Hailey's tent up in the living room for a giant slumber party and all the kiddies rang in the new year at 10pm so they could get to bed. Both Maryann and I (the pregnant chicks) were jealous that they got to go to sleep and we had to wait until the real midnight - I started yawning at 9:30pm! But I somehow made it all the way to midnight and gave my Joshey a kiss to welcome 2008. It was a lot more fun than watching Dick Clark in Vegas last year (we were too scared of drunk drivers to go any further than the couch in our living room).

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