Monday, November 11, 2002

after slacking for more than a week, i was up and at-it again this morning, running a record 4.5 miles! (cheering in the background) this is huge for me, people. just go with it.

what's new? well, i've actually been thinking a lot about Nate. seeing him this weekend was so refreshing. his outlook on life, his interpretation of situations and events, the importance (or the lack thereof) he places on money and things, are all so very refreshing. i am worried i came across as snotty or too-good-for-you-never-in-your-wildest-dreams during our chat Friday night, but really, what can i say? there are certain standards i hold, certain things i need out of life. these are things i cannot and will not compromise. i guess it'll always be "my way or the highway."

two roommates are sick. one possibly has strep. the other woke this morning absolutely miserable. what does this mean for me? i hope it means nothing more than i'll be the really sweet roomie that buys OJ laced with Vitamin A and lots of Minestrone soup. i should pick up some saltines while i'm at it, too.

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