Tuesday, November 12, 2002


just so you all know, i drove the route i ran yesterday and discovered it was 4.8 miles, not 4.5. that means i'm basically up to 5 miles. can you believe it? i am ecstatic.

ecstasy-causing events: a phone call from Nate last night, who has been reading a lot of philosophy and believes he should learn more about his environment. a roommate that did NOT have strep. a cartwheel down the giant slide at Dan's house (reflects a huge fear confronted and conquered). an urge to buy Oreos at the grocery store last night resisted (instead i bought some Asian pears - i'll let you know how they are). Jonnie lent me his computer monitor until we can figure out what's wrong with mine, or until i can get a new one - nicey!!

non-ecstasy-causing events: my computer monitor stopped working. i accidentally bumped a dish out of the drainer last night when i got home from the store, and it broke into pieces. then i discovered it was my roommate's favorite golf mug. i felt really bad about it, but am glad she's the roommate that i serenaded that morning because she was sick, and i got her soup, saltines, and OJ while i was at the store. i hope that counts for something.

regardless, you can see i've experienced more small victories the last few days than i have failures. now if only i can find a job and get moving, everything will work out perfectly.

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