Saturday, November 9, 2002


are you all wondering what is going on with this Jacob thing? i am not sure i've been clear in what i've written, so let me emphasize something: i DO NOT hope he's single again or want him to contact me anymore. that's the story, the whole thing, nothing more to say. i am not going to reply to his email, so as far as i'm concerned, it's a dead issue.

today was a good day. mind you, it's shortly after 11 pm my actual time, but this thing will post that it's 1:30 am Sunday morning. i think it is silly we can't all be on our real time zones, but whatever.

anyway, today was a good day because i got a ton of stuff done that needed to be done. the house is clean, the birthday and grocery shopping is done, and i was even able to be social tonight - dinner and an opera with a group of friends. it was very relaxing and quite enjoyable. i am a bit disappointed in myself because i didn't run today, but that's because i was up with Nate Brown until 3 am last night and i wasn't up for an early run. i wasn't up for running, period, when i woke up at 8:30 am. sometimes it absolutely sucks when your body seems to be on an automatic alarm clock.

i received an email yesterday, confessing the sending of flowers to help me chill out and have a better day. to the sender, who happened to be neither Camery nor Brian, i thank you, and your identity shall remain anonymous. i guess i've been pretty stressed out lately - everyone has noticed. i got the flowers for it, the roommates have all been asking if i'm okay, if i need anything, etc. then when i hung with Nate last night, he commented on it. i don't know if i seem that way, or if i talk like i seem that way, but whatever it is, it makes me believe that i seriously need some sort of emotional therapy.

i am so s l e e e e p y...i definitely have to go to bed now. have a great weekend!

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