Friday, November 8, 2002

What others want

it's Friday, and i am quite relieved for it. i don't work at the PF this weekend, so i get to babysit my niece and nephew tonight and i think Amanda and i are going to Mesquite for minute tomorrow afternoon to play Bingo. should be good times all around.

someone sent me the cutest basket of daisies yesterday. wanted to wish me luck in making my life decisions about work - what to do, where to go, etc. i am pretty sure it was Camery - we spoke earlier yesterday and she knew how stressed out i was, but i don't dare ask if it wasn't her. i think it could be Brian, feeling bad about being mean to me the night before. who was it? was it anyone reading this entry? come forth and confess, and all shall be forgiven you. why do people send floral arrangements and not sign the card, anyway?

i haven't run for exactly one week now. i tried to run yesterday morning, but my feet were super sore from waitressing in Airwalks the night before. i could have gone this morning, but i didn't wake up in time - 20 mins late for work as it was. tomorrow morning, i shall begin again. that half-marathon next March will be mine!

i have decided not to reply to Jacob's email. i'm going to pretend the email went off into cyberspace, never to be seen by my pretty little head. want to know the latest in my personal life? well, i received a thoughtful bunch of flowers from someone, but i'm pretty sure it was a chick. a guy IMs me all the time, but he's 5'6". my best guy friend's roommate is trying to set me up with his "older" brother...yeah, the brother MIGHT be 22; he acts like he's 19. meanwhile, a guy in my brother's ward in SLC really wants to set me up with HIS brother. funny thing is the guy in my brother's ward doesn't even know who i am or what i'm like! i think people see me and think, "Oh my goodness, she is PERFECT for Jonathan! He's single, she's single. Perfect!" and that's it.

what's even more entertaining is seeing people desperate to get me hooked up, while knowing i could not care less about finding someone to be serious with. i know, i know, everyone thinks i'm full of it, and i'm hiding my true feelings/emotions/intentions - but i'm not. i'm really just not interested in romantic relationships right now, and i haven't been for a long time. the thing is, i have so many deep, individual friendships that i don't lack the emotional, intellectual or spiritual connections a committed relationship brings to the table. "what about the physical connection," you ask? that's neither something i need, nor something i want right now. life is perfect when you're single, content and surrounded by wonderful people.

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