Tuesday, November 19, 2002

No job

are you wondering what happened with the job? well, here you go...

i received a phone call yesterday from Melinda of the MS Society. she informed me the board decided to hire the other girl because she a had lot more experience with PR stuff. understandable, definitely. disappointing, even more so. BUT...she also said they want me. she said they love everything about me, and they really want me. i would be perfect working with them. they really, really want me. in fact, they want me so badly, when they all get back into town after the Thanksgiving holiday, they are going to find money in their budget to make a position for me. nicey! i guess we'll see in a few weeks whether she's being serious, or just being nice to me. i hope she's being serious, and i hope they find a lot of extra money in the budget for my position.

i just got a lecture. yes, i am aware that i am leaving a great job with excellent benefits, working for wonderful people to go to...nothing. i have nothing. no solid job leads, no firm decisions. my sister-in-law, Holly, and my future roommate, Rachel, keep telling me that it'll be soooo easy to find something once i just get up there, but i'm hesitant to believe that's true. whether or not it is, however, i am definitely done with this job. my replacement began yesterday. i am pretty sure she'll be done training the end of this week, but she told me yesterday i should stay until the end of the month. i need to talk to the HR people, because if i can stay on until the end of the month, i want the money and the extra week of benefits.

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