Wednesday, November 13, 2002

late Wednesday night. worked on CDs tonight, trying to relieve some stress about a job interview tomorrow in SLC. literally two days ago, i decided i'd like to try and get an entry-level PR job for a non-profit org of some sort. today i received an email from jlp whose boss sits on the board of the MS chapter in SLC. well, the MS chapter is looking for a PR coordinator, and it wants the individual hired by Friday. i sent my resume up in a hurry, spoke with a few key players on the phone, and we decided i should go up there tomorrow for an interview. they are interviewing four people. i think they're only considering me because of Jamie, though; i know i don't have the experience this position necessitates. will it even be worth the trip, then? well, i did have to give a PF shift away and there's the wear on my car and the $30 gas up and back, but the experience of interviewing combined with my 25% chance of landing to job is well worth it, i think. i guess we'll see, right?

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