Sunday, November 17, 2002

Jobs, vacations & Fight Club

it's Sunday afternoon and i woke sick this morning. i fell asleep last night around 9:30, but still awoke this morning achey and confused. i guess i neglected my body too much this last week, and one night of good rest wasn't enough to compensate.

life has been, well, interesting. the job interview went VERY well. i still don't know if they're going to offer me the position or not, though. this is what happened. on Wednesday, Jamie emailed me, "I have a job lead, but you must act quickly" so act quickly is what i did. by early afternoon, i had emailed my resume, received a faxed copy of the job description and had two phone interviews. we set up a time to meet Thursday afternoon. i got my PF shift covered (thank you, Amy Baker) and went to sleep. the next morning i got some writing samples together, worked for about 2.5 hours, then drove up to SLC. interview at 3 pm. word on the street is it went quite well - in fact, better than any of us had expected. Jeff says at the end of the interview, "You've definitely given us something to think about." he had told me earlier that based on paper alone, i wouldn't have really been considered because i lack PR experience. it's my connection through Jamie that solidified my candidacy. HOWEVER, it was my interview that moved me from fourth of four to a tie for first of four. the next day they called each of my bosses and the other references i had provided, and i have not yet heard. they told one boss that they see a lot of potential in me and this will be one of the hardest decisions they'll ever make. i guess we'll see, right? i think the reason i've not heard from them is they offered the job to my contender, and if she turns it down, they want to be able to fall back on me. no, that's not optimistic, but i think it's realistic. i am a realist.

the roommates invited me on their European vacation next May for a few weeks. not sure why they did it, though. i am considering going (tickets from Portland to Germany for $210 - yippee!!) but think a smaller, more intimate group would be more fun. then again, France was a wonderful experience, and to spend three weeks in Italy, Germany, Spain, etc. would be another thing i can happily check off of my list of things to do before i die.

i have been a little bit blah lately. i met Tim Thursday night for a little dinner after the interview (thanks Tim - glad my pasta was good since yours sucked!) . that's really the only exciting thing i've done, though. i haven't been working at the PF very much and it's been causing some stress about money, which is really stupid, i know, but the responsible side of me is sick that i can't keep my expenses down. in fact, if i don't get this job i am going to refuse to look for anything else until i live up there. it's just not worth my time and money to keep driving back and forth for one-day trips with a random interview here and there.

i had a great day with Doug yesterday. after i cleaned the house, laundry, etc., we went down to Zion and did a short hike, went to the Pizza Noodle afterward, and on to his house to watch Fight Club. well, in the middle of that movie, i fell asleep, but Doug was kind enough to wake me for my favorite part, where Edward Norton goes crazy on the blonde haired boy after they threaten the police chief in the bathroom at the banquet. anyway, after the fight, there is blood splattered all over Edward Norton's body and no one is cheering anymore - all the tough men are standing there, awestruck at what they just witnessed, and Brad Pitt says to Edward Norton, "Where did you go, psycho boy?" and Edward Norton says, "I felt like destroying something beautiful." Brad Pitt says, "Take him to a f***ing hospital," the camera takes a great upsweep over to the other side of the room where my boys are walking up the stairs, and we see the blonde boy on the floor, one eye opening, gasping for air through the pool of blood gathering deep in his throat, blocking his airway. end sequence. i will never tire of Fight Club. Doug and i have a difference of opinion about what the intended messages are in various parts of the movie, but i say whatever you take with you from that particular viewing is what it is supposed to mean at that particular time.

at that particular time. has anyone listened to that song, track seven, on the Alanis Morrisette Under Rug Swept album? i have, and the lyrics bear a striking resemblance to my last relationship (Scott). my, how time's been over since February. it's nice to know that sometimes things finally end because it's finally right. no other reason except that it was the right time.

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