Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Before I die.

in real life, today is the day i'll begin my marathon training. Saturday morning i chose to clean my house instead. i didn't really sleep in, even though Penny and i didn't get home from the PF until after midnight. it's going to be hard to be self-disciplined enough to make my goal of completing a half-marathon in Moab next March. i have to be able to run seven miles by the end of December. today i'll run three miles, and if i add one mile every two weeks, i can make it. i need to take a break from working so much, but it's hard when i know i don't have enough retirement set aside for a 25-year-old and i still owe 6k on my car. toss in the traveling i want to do and the things i still need to experience and it makes for an expensive lifestyle. it's worth it, right?

you're all wondering what my other "things to do before i die" are, aren't you? i need to knit a sweater. i need to see five broadway shows in New York (one down, four to go). i need to run a full marathon. i need to write and publish a novel. i need to write an autobiography (not necessarily for publication). i need to perform in a community theater production. i need to learn Spanish. i need to go to a taping of David Letterman. i need to visit Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Spain, Italy, Greece, China and India - the "lands" would be nice as well. i need to enter a latin dancing competition with my husband. i decided a few days ago that i'd like to attend Burning Man once, too. these things do not need to be accomplished in any certain order, they just need to be accomplished. most of them do not need to be accomplished with any certain individual, either, although i do know i will never have the courage to do many of them by myself.

todd hillstead, if you're reading this, i find you intriguing. see you on Friday.


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