Thursday, October 17, 2002

Jobs lead to money

the latest? still blah about the job thing, or the lack thereof. i may end up becoming a professional server like all of Jed's coworkers at Bahama Breeze. the word on the street is that most of them have degrees and whatnot, but choose to wait tables because they can't beat the dinero. i'm going to the group interview thing at SkyWest this weekend, so maybe i can get hooked up there. the job wouldn't pay much but the travel benefits would make it VERY worthwhile. whatever i do, i'll probably end up getting two jobs anyway because that's been the norm for years.

why work two jobs all of the time, you ask? because i'm really good at spending money. sometimes i trick myself into thinking i make legitimate purchases, but my closet speaks for itself ("i can't afford to NOT buy that sweater!" is a common utterance when i'm out window-shopping). besides, i'm lucky enough to always find something that's complimentary to my coloring, my body type and my style. something always fits, and it's hard to turn it down, especially if it's on sale at Banana Republic. let's blame it on Jenise - she got me addicted to "chick clothes," makeup, hair weaves and acrylic nails. i'm not complaining, though, as i receive more attention when i look nice.

i like to pretend that you all enjoy reading these tidbits as much as i enjoy writing them. thanks for the feedback you send me every now and then. i got called on my late entry today - hey, at least someone's paying attention, right? i'm already perking up, dreaming about a short road trip to SLC with Hepcat and Rusted Root tomorrow afternoon.

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