Wednesday, October 23, 2002


i am so excited! i ran 3.2 miles yesterday and i'm not sore today. suddenly the half-marathon next March doesn't look so distant and impossible to reach. i got to see the Princess for an hour or so on Saturday and she's also training for the Moab marathon next March. wild, huh? we've decided we will run it together. that will help ensure i prepare myself for it - positive motivation.

two SkyWest interviews last Saturday, and i think they really liked me. i will know the end of this week if they want me. the real question is i want to take a pay cut and take the job? i am still weighing the pros and cons of everything as well as applying for other jobs elsewhere. i get blah in a lot of things, though, and it's hard to stay motivated.

my short trip to SLC for the weekend was a lot of fun. aside from the quality shopping time i had with Holly and the minor amount of job hunting i did, i spent my time with boys. can you believe that? i disgust myself, as this is not anything i need in my life right now. i guess i like the attention. at times, i wonder who i have a crush on. Don insisted i call James for croquet and cards on Sunday, but i refused. Brian thinks i'm into him, but he's still too project for me. the Todd Hillstead encounter was not what i had expected, but hindsight reveals it was exactly what i should have. Brandon is like an old faithful fling for me, in that we always end up together, i think merely because we're the straight ones in the group. he's supposed to come down this weekend and call me when he gets in. i guess, like always, we'll see.

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