Thursday, October 10, 2002


i just realized i shouldn't have sent my blog address to all my family and friends. suddenly my private life and thoughts are no longer private. what are blogs for, though? i think they are expressions of a particular feeling at any given moment. strangers read them - no longer strangers. merely another avenue for creating virtual relationships. speaking of virtual relationships, i'm happy i'm out of the internet-dating scene. although i did have some fabulous vacations and met some really cool guys, the constant phone conversations started wearing on me.

somebody hit my car yesterday in the parking lot. bastard. i guess it's not a big deal since my father will probably take care of it later today. i get to hang with Cade and Aubrey tonight. maybe Ashley can come, too. Pam and i spokely briefly about it two nights ago at the PF, but nothing is certain.

i don't really want change. i don't want to move away from my family and the few friends i have left in this area. everyone asks me when i'm leaving and where i'm going and what i'll do when i get there. i shrug and say "don't know yet." i'm still under the impression God doesn't really care what i do right now. change is what is necessary, and that can happen anywhere but here, so the final destination is of no importance.

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