Wednesday, October 9, 2002


Bill Kringlen passed away Monday night. i heard about it last night while i was managing the PF. when i took Chris the money his eyes were still red and a bit puffy, sadness evident in the half-hearted, yet consoling embrace we shared on his front porch. he like a father to me - Bill like a father to him. i can't imagine if it were Chris.

i have never had a personal encounter with cancer. some associates and mere acquaintances have battled the disease with futile earnest, yet i have never seen it "upclose and personal." last year my next-door neighbor, Carol, 60+, never married, never laid, book addict and skilled gardener, fought breast cancer. for a while her truck and she were merely missing from the house. they appeared again, along with a variety of bandanas that adorned her head. the nephew would come over, mow her grass, visit and whatnot, but i merely waved. i guess i thought i couldn't. eventually, the bandanas came off, and her stubbly silver hair sparkled in the sunlight. she sat on a lawn chair on the front porch on warm nights.

the hair - it's all back now. no sign of the struggle she faced, nor the valiant fight she won. it will probably come back and take her life. it seems that's the typical process. fight it and will only come back with a determination you cannot match.

i never took her the zucchini bread i thought would be a nice gesture. she doesn't know, but i will always remember. i will always pray for her.

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