Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Job limbo

since you're wondering, i ran 4.1 miles yesterday without stopping once - including up a big hill. that is my best effort with the marathon training yet! i feel like a million bucks, invincible and world-conquering. i definitely think i'll make it to seven miles by Christmas. the discipline this training requires is giving me a sense of self as well - a lovely bonus in times of uncertainty.

the interview for the Washington reporting job isn't until NEXT Tuesday, so i'm headed up there early next week. i'm very excited, but very nervous. i've been racking my brain, thinking of ways to manipulate my schedules into letting me go next week (i planned on this week, so i asked all the wrong days off) as well as finding a traveling companion. if worse comes to worse, Rachel said she'd call in sick and go with me because 1) road trips are fun; and 2) road trips with me are even MORE fun. she is so funny - called me at eight this morning because we can never catch each other later in the day - she doesn't want me to drive the 14 hours by myself, but it's hard when people have jobs and, heaven forbid, responsiblities. so i'm thinking...Holly doesn't have a job, but she's pregnant...Tim doesn't have a job yet, but he doesn't seem hip on embarking on a 48-hour adventure with a stranger...Maryann works, Princess works, Rachel works, etc. hmmm...everyone sucks but me, it seems...

in walks an angel. my friend Elton, who recently returned to Happy Valley, casually mentions in an email that he has extra flight passes on Southwest and he'd be willing to let me use one. can anyone be more dreamy?? that would be so ideal, and Elton, if you read this before i email you back, please know that i thought the deals at Nordstrom were incredible enough, but you just iced the cake! if you'll let me, i want to buy the passes off of you. as an added bonus, i'll stop bothering you about going to church - lol.

i need to get in touch with all of my people and go get myself a job in Washington. if that doesn't work out, i'm going to hit the road and head up to SLC, job security or not, and stay at Kenshi's or my brother's until i find something. we're interviewing some ladies for my day job this Thursday and Friday, so next week all we have to do is pick someone and then i train her. the way i figure it, i'll be able to leave by mid-November (gulp). sketchy, isn't it? wish me luck!

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